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Who likes to pack? It is the part that is usually the most tedious, well, rather, the only one. But after deciding our next destination and with which company we will fly, packing is one of the things that takes us the longest.

Because what can be carried in luggage? And what is prohibited? The list is quite extensive, so to avoid problems and problems I will help you prepare your suitcase.

Things that cannot be carried on the plane

Objects that cannot be carried on the plane  More or less we all have an idea of ​​the objects that do not have to be in our luggage, but the truth is that many people have doubts about some, especially those that will be very necessary once the plane lands. So, Which ones do we have to leave at home?

Sharp objects

All sharp objects are prohibited, such as ice picks, knives (except if they are made of plastic), razor blades, swords. You also have to put down the razor blades, as they could cause damage. We know that you are not going to harm anyone, but they do not know this at the airport, and of course it is much better to be safe than sorry. Also, another of the things that are not allowed under any circumstances are the firearms or explosive materials: guns, aerosols, plastic explosives, grenades, or gasoline or the like. They are very dangerous, so not Control will confiscate them.


If you are an athlete or had to practice sports at the destination, we are very sorry to tell you that you cannot take the following with you: fishing harpoon, ski sticks, golf or hockey sticks, baseball bats, bow or arrow. You can always borrow it from someone you know there, or even rent it.

Tools and chemicals

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Moreover, tools are also not allowed, such as axes, crowbars, drills, saws, saws, or those used in gardening to prune plants. But do not worry: if you need them, for example to do a job in a house, they will surely be able to leave them for you. Unfortunately, you will also have to put down the art tools and chemicalsEither bleach, spray paint or tear gas.

Can you bring food on the plane? And drinks?

Can you bring food on the plane?

And what about food and drink? ¿You can bring food on the plane? Whether you are going to visit your family, or if you want to bring something here from there, you should know that according to the standards established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the European Civil Aviation Conference (CEAC), sand allow to carry up to 100 milliliters of liquid, and provided that they are inside a transparent, sealed plastic bag, 20 cm x 20 cm. As for food, the prohibited ones are: sauces, jellies, cheeses, yogurts and the like.

By the way, if you go for example to Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain) and you want to take an ensaimada, this has to be invoiced; otherwise you can get a penalty of about 30 euros depending on the company.

Anyway, We recommend that you read the policies of your airline to find out if you can take food on the plane or what types of food they allow. In some cases there are variations so before going to the airport with food, make sure that you can take food on the plane you are going to fly.

For example, on a trip to Portugal I bought some very nice cans of preserves to give to family and friends but as they exceeded the amount of milliliters allowed, I had to leave them on the ground. However, other types of food are allowed, therefore, Yes, you can take food on the plane, although there are exceptions.

If the flight is intercontinental, there are foods that cannot be brought into a neighboring country due to possible risks to public health.

Objects that are not prohibited, but can trigger metal detectors

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In addition to everything we've mentioned, there are a number of things that can trigger metal detectors, such as piercings, prosthesis, jewelry, mobile, shoes and belt buckles.

  • Piercings: whenever possible, it is recommended that take off all you can. Still, the most that can happen is that the detector is activated, in which case you just have to say that you are wearing piercings and voila.
  • Prosthesis: important to inform before scanning.
  • Jewels: before going through Control earrings, necklaces and bracelets must be removed to avoid triggering the detector. We will put them on a tray that we can take ourselves before the scan.
  • Mobile: the same as jewelry, or even more advisable: we will put it in the suitcase before heading to the terminal.
  • Shoes: if they have something made of metal, an ornament or a buckle, you will have to take them off before scanning.
  • Belt Buckles - Always sound the detector, so there is no choice but to take it off first.

Things you can take on the plane  Objects allowed in airplane luggage

Now that we have seen everything we have to leave at home, in addition to how to avoid having a bad time at Security Control, let's see what doubtful objects we can take without problem:

Electronic devices

In these times, nobody wants to leave their camera, tablets, laptop far from his smartphone, truth? Fortunately, at the airport they will tell us absolutely nothing if we carry it in our luggage or carry-on. We can carry it by hand, but to avoid theft it is much more advisable that we put it inside the suitcase. This way you will be much more protected.


Oh, the cosmetics! They can not miss neither the DeodorantNor lipstick. You can also bring medicinal gels provided they do not exceed the 100ml limit. Oh, and don't forget the hair clips.

Food for your baby and medication

If your child still drinks milk from a bottle or eats porridge, you can bring the amount of food necessary to feed him. Also, if you take medication they won't tell you anything either; You just have to make sure that it is in the original container and that you carry the medical prescription.

And nothing more. Take your ID (and passport if it is an international flight), and enjoy!

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  1.   Enedelia Castillo-Gonzalez said

    Hello, good afternoon, I have some doubts, I will thank you for answering me.
    I have my children studying in Argentina they asked me for some sweets, corn tortillas, cans of chili, cheese, red chili, there are some things someone can answer me if I can take them thanks

  2.   Yaakov Avdo Serrano said

    How much is the total weight of hand luggage and luggage to be stored in the hold of the plane, per person?

  3.   Yaakov Avdo Serrano said

    In the case of minors, is it also allowed to carry the same amount of luggage as adults?
    The rule that came into effect also applies to airports in South America?
    I appreciate your timely response.

  4.   michael said

    I am in Buenos Aires and I bought a medical ozonation equipment. Electronic device, is it possible to take it in the cellar in the Normel team or do I have to make another payment ???

  5.   Juan José said

    Can I carry commercial aerosol or spray samples in my checked luggage? 
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  6.   islay said

    Hello, I would like to confirm if it is possible to carry 50 milliliter perfumes and how many of these can be carried.

  7.   islay said

    On flights to South America from London and making a station in Spain.

    1.    danylene said

      How many perfumes can you wear since they are to give to my relatives ...

  8.   yoselyn said

    Hi, I want to. I live in Iquique. You can take bottles of liquor to Santiago by plane. I hope you can answer me, thank you.

  9.   jose said

    I have to travel from Spain to France, can I check in my normal luggage drinks in brik and cold products with an isothermal bag ???

  10.   apple said

    I have some friends in Colombia and they ordered me dry chili and cheese, can I take it in the suitcase that goes in the cellar?

  11.   Christina Maria C. ferrera said

    How many bottles of wine can I bring from Portugal to Tenerife, invoiced, of course in Ryanair

  12.   Alejandra Frola said

    Hello, I am going to travel to Rio de Janeiro and I am bringing several perfumes to give to my Brothers of the Christian Church, I would like to know how many I can take and also if I can take 2 bottles of wine. Thanks

    1.    Marc said

      It is not allowed to bring bottles of wine because they exceed the allowed amount: 100 ml. You can carry perfumes in hand luggage only if they do not exceed this same amount.

  13.   soralla said

    Hello, in the month of January I will travel from Medellín to Cartajena through the avianca areolinea, some friends that I have there, they commissioned me to bring them some fish that are not easily available there, also sweets and fruits. I would like to know if this is allowed to carry on the plane. Thank you.

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  15.   You said

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