The best reasons to visit the United States in summer

Visit the United States in the summer

Are you thinking about whether to visit the United States in the summer? Then you need to know all the reasons why it is one of the best times. Since it is one of the countries that has a wide offer for all tastes, from the most impressive beaches to the city centers that are alive both at night and during the day.

But it is true that in the summer the United States becomes even more alive. There are many more plans, activities and offers for the whole family. So, we are not going to waste any more time and while you are thinking about writing down the trip in your diary and thinking about all the suitcases, we will tell you about those essential reasons to visit the United States in summer.

Reasons to visit the United States in summer: Less paperwork

One of the reasons that sometimes put us off, when planning a trip like this, was the issue of paperwork. Previously, the visa was the least favorite part of the trip, because it could mean long waits. But now that is behind us and what we must do is request an ESTA for the USA in a simple way. Because It is an electronic authorization to be able to make the trip and that you can also request online. In addition, as a general rule you will have an answer in about 72 hours. Despite all this speed, it is recommended to take this step in advance, in case there is any mishap with the request. Prevention is always better!

Hall of Fame

On the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles

'The city of dreams' will also make you fulfill yours. Because it has a wide offer for tourism and therefore, you can not miss it. Since one of the most emblematic places is the Hall of Fame, where it is inevitable that one looks up the names of their idols and takes a photo, or several, putting their hands on each star. This place is right across from Grauman's Chinese Theater. Where he is still the protagonist of movie premieres and the visit of great actors and actresses. Can you imagine being able to meet face to face with your favorite artists?

For the incredible beaches of Santa Monica

Now that we've mentioned Los Angeles, we can't forget about Santa Monica. It is one of those areas that we have seen numerous times on the small and big screen. Its beaches and its promenade are points of reference, where you can find the most original shops and also numerous artists that fill the streets. Right in the dock area, you can not miss the Ferris wheel or even the sunsets of this place, because they really are from a movie.

Santa Monica Beach

Through New York City

The truth is that all times are good to visit the Big Apple, but summer always means more activities, more hours to enjoy them and more life in general. There are more shows or concerts in the open air and your tour will be most enjoyable. no doubt also a walk through Central Park and reach the heart of Manhattan to enjoy the Empire State or the Statue of Liberty are other iconic places that you cannot forget when visiting the United States in summer.

San Diego: For its beach coast with neighborhoods of historical interest

It has it all, because on the one hand San Diego is located on the West Coast, which means that the coves and beaches are one of the most popular areas when visiting this place. But if you are not much of a beach person or if you want to alternate with other stops, then it also has neighborhoods, museums or theaters worth seeing once in a lifetime. Do you want examples? Nothing better than Balboa Park, the old town 'Old Town' and the natural park 'Sunset Cliffs'. This is the best place to enjoy the sunset.

Colorado's canyon

For enjoying one of the 7 Wonders of the World: The Grand Canyon of Colorado

You will find this natural formation in Arizona. It is another of the places where you can disconnect from the cities and let yourself be carried away by nature. and all his wealth. Although it must be said that in the summer season storms can lurk when we least expect it. Of course, if we are in the area, it is another essential visit, because it is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

As we can see, there are many reasons to visit the United States in summer: The cultural diversity, the glamour, the landscapes and even the Wonders of the World found there. Shall we make the reservation?

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