The best and worst passports to travel the world

One of the main concerns of all tourists when traveling abroad is whether to travel to certain countries you need a visa and how to obtain it in this case.

Having a passport is not always a guarantee that you can visit another country as it depends on how many bilateral agreements the country of origin has with other nations. In this way, some passports will be better to travel than others because with it, more doors are opened at immigration windows or at airport security controls.

En este sentido, then we will review with which passports there are more facilities to travel abroad and with which less. Can you come with us?

What criteria make a passport better or worse?

According to London-based consultancy Henley & Partners, a country's ability to obtain visa exemption is a reflection of its diplomatic relations with other countries. Likewise, visa requirements are also determined by visa reciprocity, visa risks, security risks, and violations of immigration rules.

The best passports to travel the world

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The German passport is the one that opens the most doors in the world and the one that every traveler would like to have since they can enter 177 of the 218 countries and territories without a visa according to the 2016 Visa Restrictions Index.


The German passport is followed by the Swedish. With it, the traveler can move around the world and access 176 countries without the need to carry any special permits.


The Spanish passport makes it possible to directly enter 175 countries of the world and is at the same level as the citizens of Italy, Finland and France.

United Kingdom

The British passport allows citizens of this country to enter 175 countries without a visa but in this case the reciprocity is not total since Great Britain requires visas from several African countries and in many Asian countries visas are required from the British despite the well-known English colonial presence on this continent.

United States

Together with the citizens of the Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium, Americans are guaranteed free access to 174 countries in the world. However, this is not reciprocal since in the case of the United States, visas are still required from Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries.

The worst passports to travel the world

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According to the list produced annually by the London consultancy Henley and Partners and the International Air Transport Association, the following countries have the least advantageous passports for traveling around the world.


This Asian country has the least favorable passport to travel abroad since its citizens can only enter 25 countries without the need for a visa, which greatly reduces your chances of getting to know other corners of the world.


With a Pakistani passport, tourists can only freely access 26 countries so they have to be patient and do a lot of paperwork to travel the world.


Although Iraqis have a greater number of possibilities to travel without a visa than the previous ones, it is still a low number. Those who hold an Iraqi passport only have unrestricted mobility in 30 countries.


People from Syria have it a bit more difficult since they can only enter 32 countries without a visa.


Nationals of Sudan, as well as those of Nepal, Iran, Palestine, Ethiopia and Eritrea can only travel to 37 countries without having to apply for a visa.


The passport of Libyans is also less advantageous compared to that of other citizens of the world since with it they can only enter 36 countries without a visa.


Not only is it difficult to be a Somali and to be able to travel abroad, but they will also be able to do so without restrictions to only 31 countries, without a visa. For the rest of the world, they must undergo exhaustive procedures that go far beyond submitting an application at the window or processing it online.

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