The colorful and stunning Lake McDonald in the United States

Lake McDonald in the United States

Lake McDonald in the United States

On previous occasions we talked to you about three natural wonders that when the traveler contemplates them they leave him speechless. These are lakes Hillier (in Australia) and Retba (in Senegal) and Caño Cristales (in Colombia). Its peculiarity lies in the pinkish color of the waters of the lakes and in the different shades that the American river presents along its course.

The truth is that far from looking like something unique, in the world there are many aquatic landforms that make their color their main attraction. On United States there is lake known as McDonald which also presents these characteristics. It is located in the Glacier National Park, in the State of Montana. 

Just as in the Crystals spout the multicolored effect is produced by algae, in Lake McDonald there are millions of colored stones those that impregnate the water with different shades. The picture could not be more beautiful.

grizzly bear

This lake is also surrounded by thick vegetation formed by a coniferous forest where the famous grizzly bear lives. In the western section of the lake there is a visitor center and dining room as well as outboard boats available for charter.

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