The Museum of the Grand Lodge of France, in Paris


When I travel I like to get away from the classic tourist routes a bit and get to know places, attractions and unusual museums. There are, they are all over the world so just do a little research to make a list of special museums. There are also in France, here for example is the Museum of the Grand Lodge of France, a museum dedicated to Gallic Freemasonry.

The first french masonic order It was founded in 1773 and the Grand Lodge of France claims to be one of its earliest descendants. The truth is that everything that surrounds Freemasonry is always shrouded in an aura of mystery and a little to reveal it in the 70s the Gallic Freemasons opened part of their private collections and archives to the public. A real treasure.

This is the first masonic museum in France so if you are interested in the subject here is everything. The treasure is composed of documents, ritual objects, medals, jewels and a dense memorabilia of two centuries. You will be able to delve into the symbolism of Freemasonry, something that is not done every day. And if that weren't enough the same building where this one works rare museum in paris it has its weird story.

It seems that the museum works in a building that was a Franciscan seminary in the 1909th century and later became a cabaret in XNUMX: the nave was turned into a cinema and the crypt into a skating rink. Later it did fall into the hands of the lodge and the chapel became its Mason temple. Today access to Museum of the Grand Lodge of France is free.

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