The Peacock Clock in Saint Petersburg


One of the most beautiful cities in Russia is Saint Petersburg. In reality it cannot be compared with Moscow, they are totally different although you have to know both. Saint Petersburg is known as the Venice of the North, for its canals, bridges, and palaces, and it was Peter the Great's favorite city.

The palaces here have been converted into the Hermitage Museum, a world-famous state museum. Among its wide and rich collection of art objects is the automated wonder that you see in the photo: the Peacock Clock. It is a watch that was built in 1777 by an English master watchmaker named James Cook.

El Peacock Clock it arrived in Russia in 1797 and was in the power of Prince Potemkin for a time, by then companion of Catherine the Great. It has three songbirds, a peacock, a rooster and an owl, and is a work of art of ancient clockwork, the last of those early XNUMXth century robots.

First the owl sings, then the peacock that twists its neck at the same time and unfolds its feathered tail and finally there is the rooster. A cycle of music and movement that represents the end of the night and the sunrise. The dial of the wonderful Saint Petersburg Peacock Clock it hides in a mushroom and a fox and other creatures are also distinguished among the metal foliage. A beauty.

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