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Holidays are just around the corner and with them come trips to the beach, the mountains or other countries. Traveling is always a pleasure but sometimes packing is not.. In fact, it is one of the most stressful tasks for travelers for not knowing what to bring, for forgetting important items and for fear of exceeding the allowed weight limit.
It may seem that packing a good suitcase is only available to experts in the Tetris video game and the truth is that you have to have that mentality when facing a challenge like this.
Fortunately, there are certain tricks to pack efficiently. Do not miss the following tips that you will find below on how to pack!

 Write a list

 Before preparing the suitcase, the first thing we should do is write a list with the clothes that we would like to wear every day during the holidays. In this way we will only take the essentials and there will still be space in case we make a purchase during the trip. When choosing clothes, the characteristics of the destination must be taken into account (the country or the city is not the same) and the weather. It is therefore advisable to find out in advance the weather forecast.

What clothes to bring in the suitcase?

Travel suitcase

The approximate duration of a pleasure trip is from one week to ten days, so the suitcase must contain everything necessary to cover our needs while we are away: underwear, accessories, footwear, clothing ...
The best thing is to create outfits for every day with clothes that can be combined with each other to save space in the suitcase, taking advantage of the wardrobe basics that we all have in the closet. However, it is also advisable to wear a more elegant garment in case a special outing arises. All this combined with two or three pairs of comfortable and versatile shoes.

What to bring in the toiletry bag?

Travel bag
The best trick so that the toiletry bag does not take up too much space in the suitcase is to choose a small one and put only what fits in it, starting with essential items such as deodorant, toothbrush or comb and ending with extras such as aftershave, cologne or body lotions. The rule is the following: if it does not fit, it does not travel.
Another trick is to buy at the destination those products that are going to be needed in greater quantity since the regulations on liquids on board an airplane do not allow to carry liquids, creams or gels of more than 100ml.
When transporting them, it is best to close the lids with adhesive tape and store the jars in plastic bags with zip closure to prevent them from spilling inside the toiletry bag or suitcase. In this way cumbersome accidents will be avoided.

Where to take battery chargers or plugs?

mobile charger
On any trip we are going to take a multitude of photographs and videos to immortalize the holidays, which will consume a lot of battery of the mobile, tablet or camera. The cables of the mobile phone charger and the plug adapter in the countries where it is necessary sometimes cause problems to transport them because they are lost or tangled between the rest of the luggage.
One tip is to roll them all up and store them in an empty glasses case. Another option is to get a multi-charger that works for several devicesThis will save more space in the suitcase.

What is the fastest way to pack?

to pack
To be ready to leave as soon as possible we can always keep a suitcase that is already half packed waiting for a last minute trip. If you have a suitcase with many pockets, you can store your underwear in one of them, your toiletry bag in another and leave the main compartment for clothes and other objects.

How to distribute the clothes to pack?

to pack
Here are the steps to organize your luggage contents appropriately:
  1. Place the least delicate and heaviest items on the bottom. On these will go the garments of greater resistance such as pants.
  2. Items that do not wrinkle easily such as underwear or socks can be folded to fill in spaces left by other items. They can also be put inside shoes as long as they are kept in cloth bags for hygiene reasons. The footwear will be placed in the suitcase with the soles facing the sides of the suitcase, ensuring that the space is used as efficiently as possible.
  3. Then the pajamas will be stored and finally the most delicate items such as blouses or T-shirts. In the spaces that are left free, the chargers or belts will go. To finish it is convenient to use a small towel as a final layer that acts as a protector for the closure of the suitcase.

Cautious traveler is worth two

hand luggage
Another tip to follow is that you keep a reserve of clothes, both indoor and daily, and valuable objects in your hand luggage. Thus, if the suitcase is lost during the holidays, at least you will have the contents of the hand luggage to get out of the way until it is returned to you.
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