Tips and ideas for traveling alone

Travel alone

More and more people are they venture alone through the worldAnd it is that we do not always coincide with friends to be able to go on a trip together, and there is no reason to wait to see that place that we like so much. Traveling alone can scare some, but it is also a very enriching experience for many, with great advantages.

If we plan it well and we are clear how to travel alone, it can be something fabulous. It helps us to know ourselves, to fend for ourselves in an unfamiliar environment and to open ourselves to other cultures and unfamiliar people, so of course it can be something very interesting. If you are thinking about it, take note of these ideas for traveling alone, which may help you launch yourself on an adventure.

Find safe places to travel

If we are going to start traveling alone, it is better to look for those countries that have a higher safety index, with less crime or problems. Obviously, we all want to travel safely, but it is easier in countries that are more familiar to us and in which we initially manage better. So if it is the first time we should not travel to distant countries or countries that create us insecurity. It is much better to venture little by little to get to know the details and problems that arise when traveling alone, and to be in an area where it is easy for us to communicate or move. So in principle, try nearby countries and tourist cities like London or Rome, for example.

Use the Apps

Travel alone

Today there are many useful Apps when traveling alone. Takecoffee for example is an App where you can meet people while you wait at the terminal. It is a way of meeting people around the world, and who knows, this can take you to new destinations or meet someone who goes to the same place as you and alone. Moovit helps you plan the best route to get from one place to another by public transport so you don't have to spend more or get lost in a city you don't know. And like these there are many more in which to meet people or that make things easier for you when you travel. You just have to explore to get hold of the ones that you think may be useful on the journey.

Sleep in hostels

The hostels and Bed and breakfast they are places where a lot of backpacker people meet. Many of them travel alone, and others want to meet more people to join them. It is easier to meet people in these places, since spaces to sleep and eat are shared. It is a way of meeting people around the world, since they are places where people see themselves in a similar situation.

Be sociable

For many people who are introverts or shy, meeting people around the world is almost impossible. But it is a great experience to travel alone, since you are forced in a certain way to meet and talk to people strange and even from other countries and cultures. This helps you to relate more easily with all kinds of people, and you will see that it is something incredible how easy it will be to make friends. We are all more willing to meet people and help when we are not in our environment and in our comfort zone.

Sign up for courses or excursions

If you've already reached your destination, you have some easy ideas for meeting people. If you are going to be there for a long time, you can sign up for a course for people with the same hobbies. Here and in other countries it is a great way to meet friends. You can also sign up for guided excursions to see the area if you are short on time. In this case you will also meet travelers and maybe more people than you go alone.

Coordinate schedules

It is important to coordinate arrival times to the sites  if we do not want to meet at dawn in a city that we do not know. You have to look at the flights to get to the places during the day, and have enough time to find ourselves and get to the accommodation. The ideal would undoubtedly be to arrive in the morning and leave tomorrow as well.

Inform your family and friends

Of everything you do and where you are, it is better to inform your relatives. So they will always know what you are doing or where you are. It is not that we think that something is going to happen to us, but in any case it is better that they have the information. You can too send copies to your email or that of a friend of your tickets, itineraries and destinations so that it is stored somewhere. In case you lose something, you will have copies of this mode, and you will only need a Wifi network to be able to download them.

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