Tips and reasons for backpacking


Many people are attracted to the idea of backpacking the world. It is a great adventure, in which we use our expertise to get out of all kinds of situations. It is also a way of getting to know ourselves and the world, without a doubt the best way to broaden horizons and open our minds to new cultures.

We are going to give you a few reasons for backpacking, but also interesting tips to make the most of the experience and that everything is good results. Without a doubt it is essential to let yourself be carried away by spontaneity, but we must also take things planned, since it is something safer.

Why backpacking


There are many reasons that can lead us to backpacking. One of the most important is that these types of experiences broaden our horizons and they make us cope better in all kinds of situations. When traveling through countries and areas that we do not know, with very different languages ​​and customs, we force ourselves to leave our comfort zone in order to learn to adapt to all kinds of situations. This makes us more versatile in all kinds of situations.

Another reason may be the importance of enjoy the trip and the destinations in a different way than usual. Avoid mass tourism and let yourself be carried away by a calmer and more personal way of traveling, where we carry the essentials and enjoy each place.

Alone or accompanied?

When it comes to backpacking, many people choose to do it alone for many reasons. Not everyone can take a long vacation, and also because it is difficult to arrange the trip with someone else, since you must understand how to travel in a similar way. Not everyone likes backpacking from one place to another. Going alone also implies that we have to relate more with people that we meet on the way, something positive for the experience, but as a disadvantage it has that we will not feel so safe and we will have to be careful depending on where we are.

Prepare your backpack

When preparing the backpack, the only advice we should give is that you have to bring the basics and nothing else. Toiletries, preferably those that are used for various things, sunscreen and a small emergency kit. The essential clothing, as we will be stopping in places where you can do your laundry. When it comes to going with the backpack, it should not weigh too much, and you have to realize that we will carry it for a long time, so we only have to carry the basics, everything else will be left over along the way.

Look for cheap trips

A backpacker never travels in luxury. That is, it is about see the world in a simple way, enjoying the little things and without spending too much. Today we do not have to give up flights or fast and efficient transport, but with the App we can always find cheaper trips. There are applications to compare flights and find the cheapest ones, but we also have forums where people share their experiences to find out what to spend and what not to spend on. Informing us is key to avoid too many mistakes when making the trip as a backpacker. The good thing is that we can access the Internet with our mobile from almost anywhere today.

Take advantage of the App


Nowadays there is an app for everything. We will not lack help when embarking on the journey if we find App that are useful for this purpose. From applications that translate any poster into a language that we do not understand to those that look for cheap accommodation, or in which we can see the comments of other people about all kinds of places to see if it is a good site. Use new technologies because they can make your life easier.

Discover small corners

One of the things that most people want when it comes to backpacking is to discover little corners. When we walk to a place where we have always been by car, we see everything in a different way, because the same happens when we make a trip little by little to get to a tourist destination instead of just getting on a plane. We will discover many places that will be worth it, and we will have unique experiences. You have to enjoy both the trip and the destination.

Make a journal to immortalize memories


We may forget everything we have experienced, so a great idea is to make a kind of travel notebook or diary in which we can go including the stages and experiences, with photos included. It's a way to remember those moments later, when we've forgotten how interesting backpacking is, so we want to go back on an adventure.

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