Tips for renting a car during your holidays

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Many people decide to rent a car during their vacations to be able to go wherever they want. Without a doubt, this has the great advantage that we do not have to be aware of public transport and we can go from one place to another without limitations. But when it comes to renting a car there are some details that we must know.

We should not always rent a car from any company or without looking at the conditions. If we start to investigate, we will see that there are many different possibilities when choosing the rental car. From the type of car to the price for the days rented and many other small conditions that must be taken into account.

Choose the car rental company

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The car rental market is saturated today, and there are many different companies that offer various conditions, prices, insurance and a long etcetera. Roughly they can be divided into three different categories. The low cost companies are the ones that have appeared in recent years offering very competitive prices. However, this should not excite us so much, since although their prices seem very low, you have to read the fine print, because there may be additional charges on the other hand. Also, in the event that a problem arises, such as an accident, it responds worse than other companies. We also have the big international companies, with names like Hertz, Enterprise or Sixt. These have a higher cost but also more guarantees to respond to any problem. This does not mean that we do not have to read the fine print anyway to avoid scares and additional charges. On the other hand, there are local companies, which can offer a good price and personalized attention.

When to rent the car

The car must be rented in advance, so that the price does not skyrocket. It is something like with flights. The ideal is to rent it out of high season, but if it suits us, we must rent it 4 or 6 weeks in advance. In this way the prices will be much better and we will not have to adapt to the high prices when we go on vacation.

How to rent a car

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Today there are simple ways to rent your car. The search engines comparing prices They have the best formulas so that you can find precisely what you are looking for and at a good price. Normally you have to enter some information such as the type of car or the date, and they will already look for the car with the best conditions for you during those dates and at the destination. You can use multiple comparators to see if the results are similar.

Car insurance

This issue is complex, since in the vast majority of cases the price of the car includes a very basic insurance To thirds. This covers few contingencies, so the company will retain some money for any unforeseen event. If nothing bad happens, they give it back to you at the end. In addition, you should always make sure that the car is in good condition and highlight to the company if it has any scratches on the bodywork or dents. That way you make sure they don't blame you for that. These are the so-called duty-free cars.

Another thing you can do is look for cars without excess and pay a separate insurance or a daily amount to cover possible contingencies. In short, we must look for the option that is most profitable for us. Be that as it may, you have to read the fine print of the contracts well to know exactly what they cover and what not to avoid surprises in the event of any problem.

Fuel in the car

The issue of fuel has changed, and it is that before they gave you the tank with gasoline and you had to return it with the same amount, and if you had less, they were in charge of charging you the difference in excess. Today what they do is give you the tank with gasoline and you pay it to the price that they put. If you return it with the same amount, they will refund the money, although the measurements are made by them and of course you can always miss a few euros.

How long should I rent the car

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Rental cars have different prices depending on the number of days that we rent them. This is surprising because we might think that the days could have the same price, but the truth is that the more days we rent it, the cheaper it is per day. So you have to rent it for a minimum of three days to be profitable.

Which car to choose

In car companies there are many possibilities, and we can certainly choose between different brands, sizes and capacities. When choosing the car, we must choose the one that fits to what we need neither more nor less. If we are a family or a group of friends, we can opt for spacious cars, and for two people for small utility vehicles that consume little.

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