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There are unusual ways to travel the world and one of them is to become a volunteer. Travel for free as a volunteer It is possible, although we must always look at every little detail of the trip, since in many cases travel, housing or food expenses must be paid. However, in the vast majority of organizations they offer programs to enjoy volunteering in countries around the world with few expenses.

Volunteering is a great idea. There are thousands of possibilities and they offer us jobs in which we can enjoy new experiences, in addition to knowing in depth and tranquility a country and its people. In this post we will see some details about volunteering around the world, since we have many possibilities and activities to enjoy and with which to contribute to a better world.

Advantages of traveling as a volunteer

Travel as a volunteer

Traveling as a volunteer opens up many possibilities for us. On the one hand we can enjoy accommodation or food in some of the programs, but also it is a way of learning a trade, since we can choose between the many programs that are around the world. From helping sea turtles to plant trees or build houses. These types of actions help us to improve our curriculum but also give us a great experience in which to make friends and learn about other ways of life. In addition, there are programs in countries of all kinds, so it is possible to travel the globe with very little.

Find your ideal program

In many cases we find programs in which you have to pay for stays of weeks at a high price, which slightly distorts the idea of ​​traveling for free as a volunteer. However, we can always find some where it is offer accommodation and even meals in exchange for work in the community, which is the initial idea with which we started. Keep in mind that we will have some expenses, such as travel costs, but you can always get a very low price.

Volunteer programs

You have to choose between the programs not only for what they offer us, which is a good incentive, but also for what we are going to help with. Some focus on flora, others on animals, and others on rebuilding or helping communities. This is another of the things that we must be very clear about before launching into volunteering, which must be something that we like and motivate us or this experience will become boring or heavy. We will talk to you below about some of the programs you can search for.

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

Volunteer travel

En is one of the best known, because they offer food and accommodation, something that is not given in all programs, in exchange for work in organic farms around the worldThere are in this project up to 53 different countries and the period of stay is very varied. From a few weeks to years of working on farms, from caring for animals to planting potatoes. Although this is one of the best known, there are other organizations that connect farms that need workers with volunteers who want to enjoy this work while they see the world. Help Exchange is another similar organization, as well as, who is also looking for different jobs on farms around the world.

Volunteers for conservation

If you are in love with Australia and New Zealand, pay attention, because in Conservation Volunteers  You will be enjoying a volunteer space to promote ecotourism and protect natural spaces. From planting seeds to erecting fences to protect spaces in all states of Australia and New Zealand. It is possible to enjoy stays with a low cost, in which food and accommodation are offered in places that can be from cabins to tents, because the stays can be of a few days or weeks. In addition, there is a program for European volunteering with different possibilities, from low cost stays to others in which high amounts are paid for volunteer weeks in other countries. As we say, we have to look carefully at all the details, because in a few we will find totally free stays. Most involve some cost and there are some that even have a high cost for those who wish to enjoy the experience but with all the comforts.

Appalachian Trail Conservation

This program is known for offering travelers who want to volunteer room and board in exchange for their work. preserving Appalachian trails. It is a basic accommodation but the truth is that they follow the essence of the volunteer trip, that is why they are known. You will find them in

HF Holidays in Europe

This is a large European operator that organizes guided tours and that needs tour coordinators. In exchange for being the leaders of the groups, they will receive accommodation and food while sharing their passion for travel and knowledge of the places. In the page you can find more information.

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