Tricks to take good photos on the beach

The summer season is very near and the warm temperature invites you to go to the beach to tan and rest in the sun. Along with towels and sunscreen we usually carry our camera in the bag to record those moments of leisure.

But it is appropriate, take into account some details so that our photographs win in quality and clarity.

1-      Take care of the light: The light of the central hours of the day makes the imperfections of even the most perfect bodies stand out. The best time to take beach photos is when the sun begins to go down and twilight approaches. It is advisable not to take photos against the light and, in case of using flash, it is advisable to remove any product placed on the skin (bronzers, creams), to avoid the 'mirror effect'.

2-      Enjoy the speed: ambient light lets you jump, splash water on the camera, or freeze anything in the air without blurring the image. Take advantage of that advantage.

3-       Look at the horizon to frame: If the horizon line appears parallel to the margins of the photo, there is no way it will come out crooked unless you want to use it as a diagonal to give the image some dynamism.

4-      Edit the photos: At the end of a beach photoshoot, it is very convenient to give them a review with an application for mobile or tablet.

5-      Choose equipment carefully: If you take pictures with a phone, keep in mind that the beach does not get along with them: humidity, sand and heat can easily spoil it, therefore, it is advisable to use a suitable cover. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a camera that withstands the inclemencies of the beach, you have a wide variety of models that withstand splashes of water and contact with dust; some very cheap.

And now yes ... to enjoy and register the fun of the summer!

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