Visit to the Enchanted City of Cuenca

Tormo in the Enchanted City

Today we will talk about a place that is ideal for an excursion or getaway from Cuenca. We refer to the Enchanted City of Cuenca, a place that is usually visited by families or by groups of friends and couples. It is perfect for all those who like to discover hidden places in nature that are of great beauty.

If there is something that stands out in the Enchanted City of Cuenca are the shapes of the rocks, which have been sculpted only by the action of wind and water from rain and ice. This has resulted in some rock formations that are unique and surprising. Do not miss all the details you should know when visiting the Enchanted City in Cuenca.

How to get there from Cuenca

The Enchanted City is usually visited when we are in Cuenca, as an addition to this trip. From account you have to take the county road CM2105 and link with CM2104 that takes us to this natural area. It is located in the town of Valdecabras, in the middle of the Serranía de Cuenca. It is possible to arrange some excursions to go by bus from Cuenca, although it is usual for people to use a rental car or their own to get there. The city is on the CM2104 km 19, about 30 kilometers from Cuenca.

Information about the tourist park

Rocks inside the Enchanted City

El schedule of the park of the Enchanted City of Cuenca It is usually uninterrupted from 10 in the morning until 18, 19 or 20 hours, depending on the time of year and the time the sun sets. We must not forget that we will find ourselves in a natural environment that we do not know, and therefore extreme precautions. On the other hand, you always have to read the possible changes and the indications and precautions on their website, where they tell us, for example, about the plague of processionaries that exist at this time for which it is better not to bring pets, since it is a very dangerous animal for dogs. In addition, you always have to look at the weather report and find out before going, because bad weather conditions can cause the park to remain closed that day.

When it comes to getting the ticket, we must know that it is purchased directly at the box office, since they do not have online sales or reservations. It is possible to bring pets and the entrance fee is five euros per person. In the case of children, pensioners and large families, the price will be four euros. If we do a guided tour it is six euros. We always recommend checking the price on the web before to make sure there are no changes. The route is not suitable for people with reduced mobility or for baby carriages. It is a circular route of about 3 kilometers that takes an hour and a half approximately. We must respect the route and the rules, that is, collect the dog's stools and that it is tied throughout the journey, in addition to using the bins to throw anything away. We must take care of the natural environments wherever we are.

What to see in the Enchanted City of Cuenca

Rock formation of the Enchanted City

When making the route, follow the blue beacons, which indicate the way out, and the roses the way back. In the walk you will see formations, which have a different morphology, chemical composition and hardness, which finally gives them these various forms with which to let their imagination run wild. With the rocks of the ships we will see some large ships docked in the port, the seal seems to be resting, the Tormo is the starting rock, wider at the top than at the base. We will also find a crocodile that seems to be facing an elephant, the mysterious face of a man in the middle of a pine forest, some bears, a real stone sea, a stone bridge or the door of a convent, with its beak shape, which seems to have been made by the action of man. One of the most fun for children is the set of rocks known as the slide, which is located on a narrow path where you go up and down as you walk through it, hence its name.

Enchanted city of Cuenca

If when we arrive at the rock we ask ourselves what it might look like because we cannot visualize the shape, there is no problem, since each one it has a lectern where everything is explained. It is a journey that can be done calmly, to enjoy taking photos and admiring the effect of nature on the rocks. For those who want to know this city more thoroughly, they can always opt for the guided tour, to get to know every detail of all the rock formations.

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