Stroll through the swamps of Louisiana, in the United States

We all know the swamps of southern United States. We have seen them in countless movies and much more in horror or mystery films. It is that in itself a swamp is a mysterious place, a bit terrifying, with water everywhere, thick and submerged trees. The feeling is that you either fall there or get lost and no one will be able to find you. Well, that's what you play with all the time at the movies. The Manchac swamps, In Louisiana, they are one of the most visited destinations in the area, a destination in general for fishing, duck hunting and marine gastronomy.

Taking a walk through the Manchac swamps is quite an experience, a journey back in time to those first years of European settlement in the state when the French mixed with the American and the British. You will see typical animals of the swamp, the crocodile including, lazy cypresses and other trees that look like ghostly creatures, and many more creatures already used to boats come looking for food. The boat enters the channels of an extensive network that only the captain knows as his story takes you into the natural history of this typical area of ​​Louisiana.

A boat ride with transportation included from New Orleans It costs around $ 50 per adult. It lasts 2 hours and they pick you up at the hotel door. If you approach the swamp yourself, it costs much less, $ 24. There are tours in the morning, at noon and the last one is before 4pm

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