Warwick Castle debuts War of the Two Roses attraction

Near the town where William Shakespeare was born, Stratford upon Avon, is Warwick, a city that is home to one of the most famous castles in England for its good state of conservation, which has the same name.

Recently, a new thematic tourist attraction has just opened called "The War of the Two Roses" that recreates the conflict between the houses of York and Lancaster in the XNUMXth century. and that has served to inspire popular literary sagas such as Game of Thrones.

Taking advantage of the occasion, we head to Warwick to get to know in depth this peculiar castle that has become a kind of theme park.

Warwick Castle history

At the beginning of the XNUMXth century this castle began to be built by order of Guillermo El Conquistador. The first fortress was built with wood and other not very resistant materials, so a century later it was rebuilt in stone. In this way, Warwick Castle has survived the test of time as both a military fortress and a private residence. Be that as it may, it did not fall into neglect as is often the case with imposing buildings of this type and now we can enjoy the splendor it once had.

Warwick Castle has been the symbol of power for the Earls of Warwick since the title was granted to Henry de Beaumont. The best known of the lineage was Richard Neville, nicknamed The Maker of Kings for his talent for palace intrigue during the War of the Two Roses, a conflict between two aristocratic families who vied for the throne and power.

Already at the end of the XNUMXth century, the Tussauds Group acquired the fortress with the idea of ​​getting a tourist return from it. To do this, they had to restore multiple spaces, which has been done little by little until the present. In this way, tourists can visit it as if they were entering the Middle Ages: the towers, dungeons, walls, halls, the mill house, etc. All decorated with furniture, paintings and armor to achieve an appropriate medieval setting.

In addition, Warwick has beautiful gardens of more than 25 hectares that were designed by Capability Brown around the XNUMXth century. One of the most interesting is the Peacock Garden.

Sleep at Warwick Castle

Sleeping in Warwick Castle is also possible as they offer the opportunity to spend the night as a soldier in tents in the fortress courtyard or as an earl in the castle rooms. In summer, from July 1, you can go glamping in its medieval tents, but for those who want something more historical, they have the Tower Suites rooms.

Activities inside Warwick Castle

The Tussauds Group, the same that owns the famous London wax museum, bought the castle from the until then family that owns it and began to give its rooms its touch through assemblages with mannequins to show visitors what the life in a building of these characteristics.

Today, Warwick offers its visitors a unique and complete experience. The castle comes to life thanks to actors, storytellers, medieval shows and demonstrations, tourist attractions, children's activities and workshops.

In addition, Warwick Castle offers other interests to tourists. For example, it organizes Victorian-style parties, exhibitions with birds of prey and historical commemorations such as the War of the Two Roses, an event that will be celebrated with re-enactments of jousts and medieval battles, among many other activities.

The War of the Two Roses

The War of the Two Roses was a civil war that pitted the members of the House of Lancaster against those of the House of York between 1455 and 1487. Both families claimed the throne of England, by common origin in the House of Plantagenet, as descendants of King Edward III. The name, War of the Two Roses, was given in reference to the emblems of both houses, the white rose of York and the red one of Lancaster.

The themed attraction the "War of the Two Roses" recreates parts of the conflict in a show suitable for all audiences that can be enjoyed from May 25 to September 3, 2017. It is a live action show on the premises. Warwick castle.

Other activities that can be carried out on the occasion of this attraction are shooting arrows with a medieval bow and training to handle a sword. If the reservation is made before January 31, it is possible to save 30%. All packages include admission to the show, a hotel night and breakfast.

Interesting information

How to get to Warwick Castle

From London Warwick is easily accessible by train. The journey takes approximately a little over an hour. Once there, from the city station to the castle there are hardly a few minutes walking. There are also trains from Birmingham.

Ticket prices

Tickets to Warwick Castle range from £ 7.43 to £ 19.80. However, if they are acquired through the internet we can save a little more money.

Opening Hours

Warwick Castle opens from 10am. The closing of doors to the public depends on the time of year but in summer it is at 18pm.

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