Ring in the new year in Cyprus

Kourion Cyprus

Many people choose to select a destination to welcome the new year. Because it is a way to be able to do something more original on dates like these. If you are thinking about that trip you have always dreamed of, we will help you with a more than perfect idea. Ring in the new year in Cyprus!

There you will find everything you need to start a new year on the right foot. Betting on the party but also on the most cultural walks. A perfect cocktail that you have surely been dreaming of for a long time. Discover the great offer that we have selected for you.

Offer to ring in the new year in Cyprus

Sometimes we need to escape a time like this. But it does not mean that we have to put aside the Christmas spirit, quite the opposite. We can continue celebrating the moment but in another part of the world. In this case, we have selected Cyprus because there we will find everything we need to start off on the best footing. So what do you think spend three days in a destination like this and for less than you expect.

Cheap flight Cyprus

It is an offer where both the flight and the stay are included. The first of them, has its departure on the 30th from Madrid. While the return is on January 2. In addition, it must be remembered that the price includes checked luggage. The chosen hotel is the 'Kapetanios Odyssia' which has two restaurants, rooms with balcony, swimming pool and sauna. In addition, it is very well located since it is only 4 kilometers from the center. Of course, all these good virtues, you will think that they increase the price, but no. In this case, both the flight and the stay during those three days, with breakfast, has a price of 647 euros. Isn't that a good idea? Well, if so, you can book it at last minute.

Cyprus Cheap Pet Friendly Hotels

What to see and do in Cyprus during Christmas

Without a doubt, it is one of those destinations that fall in love at first sight. Is mediterranean island it has a singular beauty among which archaeological remains are found as well as the most paradisiacal beaches. Tradition says that it is the place where Aphrodite was born, so, based on that, we already know that it is something very special.

One day skiing in Cyprus

As we arrive on the 30th, we will still have the morning of the 31st to be able to do some kind of activity. One of the best known in this area is skiing. For this, we have the Mount Olympus, where you will be surprised at its 1952 meters high, being one of the main attractions of the place. It has 6 tracks, each of them of different length and complexity. From here you will have perfect views towards the Akrotiri Peninsula or the Salt Lake.

Cyprus Castle

Kolossi Castle

The castle was built in the XNUMXth century and is at outskirts of Limassol. It has a large tower that is more than 20 meters high. From where we will have impressive views of everything that surrounds it. A walk back in time that is well worth crossing.


One of the most famous archaeological sites is this one. Without a doubt, it is located at the foot of a cliff, so it goes without saying that the views are more than impressive. There we can see some well-preserved mosaics as well as the theater area as well as the Eustolios house.

Kourion Cyprus

Castle of San Hilarion

In this castle the legends are crowding slowly. One of them is that it was built by the queen of the fairies, who loves the place and made her residence there. It has impressive views, surrounded by walls and areas that seem taken out of the mountain.


La Karpas peninsula is another point to take into account. Whether the weather is good or not, we cannot miss the golden beaches that surround it. Although it is not one of the most visited areas, it is true that it also has magical corners, historical towns such as Dipkarpaz or the church of Agios Filon.

Troodos Cyprus


Wherever you look, all the places are incredible. So that Troodos it is not far behind. Churches as well as monasteries crown it. In addition, with numerous murals typical of the medieval period that it is always necessary to discover. As you can see, it can be a much more intense Christmas than you expect and in just three days. But if you organize yourself, you will surely be able to enjoy all of this and more. Ring in the new year in Cyprus!

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