What are the best travel search engines

What are the best 3 travel search engines

When we are going to make any trip, whether for leisure or business, we always do the same steps:

  1. We turn on the computer or our smartphone.
  2. We open the Google browser.
  3. And we write things like the following: cheap flights to…; flight plus hotel to…; hotel in ..., etc.

I don't think I'm wrong a lot, right? Well today, to facilitate that generic search step in Google, I am going to tell you what they are the best travel search engines today. When you know this you will only have to go directly to the web of said search engine and write there everything you want to find: from flights, hotels, rental cars at the destination, etc. Go for it!

Cheap flights

The site flightsAs its name suggests, its mission is to find you the cheapest flights available for the destination and day that you require. The airlines that it has as preferred, logically are the low cost, type Ryanair, Air Europa, Vueling, Easy Jet, etc.

It is a very simple and intuitive website, in which in addition to finding flights, you can also compare the trip according to the different means of transport with which you can do it: flights, trains, cruises and / or cars.

It also has a tab "Calendar of offers" where you can find real chollazos depending on the season in which you are looking.

My Cloud

If, in addition to a travel (flights) and hotels search engine, you want information about the place you are traveling to and the place where you are staying, My Cloud It may be a good option for you, since it is half search engine half social network of opinions.

They have recently included the option of "paradores" in the possible accommodation, which is very good for those who want something different from a hotel.

Something very good that I find in this search engine is that if you are still not sure where to go and you are looking for something inspiration, they give you some ideas based on all these categories:

  • Weekend.
  • In love
  • Relax.
  • Culture.
  • Disappear.
  • Adventure.
  • City.
  • With friends.
  • With children.
  • Gastronomy.

As you can see, a very complete proposal for you to find exactly what you want. Love it!


I think that Atrápalo website It is one of the most complete that we can find. Its home page has a search engine from which we can find by dates: flights, train, tickets, activities, restaurants, hotels, flight + hotel, travel and car rental. As you can see, it has many possibilities and adjusts very well to the wishes of the traveler.

Something also very positive about this specific travel search engine is that it usually offers offers and discounts for specific days. They currently have a very attractive offer for the days of Easter. Enter it and discover it!

What are the best 2 travel search engines


This much advertised search engine on television by the way, is one of the best flight search engines today, at least in my opinion. Its interface is simple and we can be sure that if we are looking for an international flight we will you will find the best of the best deals.

I think it has a deserved fame given its quality and also in it you also have certain options as in the previous search engines: flights, car, hotels, etc.

Do not hesitate to visit it, it may have what you need. Here is your website.


If Rumbo has something to spare, it is experience in the sector, as it is one of the oldest travel search engines on the net. With a clear and simple interface gives you to choose between the following possible searches:

  • Flights.
  • Hotels.
  • Cruise ships.
  • Flight + hotel.
  • Travels.

It also has a certain link to the website of BlaBlaCar since from its own website you can search for drivers and / or companions who want to make a trip from one point of Spain to another.

If you go a little further down on their website, you will also see a list of the most striking offers on flights to Spain, international flights, hotels in Spain and hotels in the world. Something new about this page that differentiates it from many others is that it also gives the possibility of acquiring tickets for certain shows (concerts, theater, etc.)

If you want to look at the web and get lost in it in search of tickets to your next destination, this is the address.


What are the best travel search engines

This search engine is very useful if what we want is to find last minute single trips at super affordable prices. Not only does it look for the ticket or hotel you want, but it also gives you the possibility of finding a ticket on any bus when you arrive at your destination or breaks and alternative activities in the place you have chosen to spend your relaxing days or vacations.

It also has an option called «Get the best bargains of the day» which is quite good when buying a complete and quite inexpensive pack.

If you like this option more than the views so far, here is your website.

We hope and hope that you search in the search engine you are looking for, your vacations, your getaway or that well-deserved weekend of relaxation. Have a good company / and help you return with charged batteries. Or isn't that what the vast majority of us look for when we travel for leisure?


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