Cala Mitjana, summer destination

Again Minorca, again this beautiful island with its beautiful beaches is presented as a summer destination super popular and recommended. Haven't you gone on vacation yet? Well, the whole month of August is missing so you can try with the Cala Mitjana.

Spending a few days in Menorca, enjoying the sun, the heat and the waters between blue and turquoise may be the best plan for this hot summer that is not over yet.

Menorca and its beaches

Menorca is part of the Balearic Islands and it is the second largest island of the group although not the most inhabited. It is barely 701 square kilometers and on its coast there are some islets. Its natural wealth has made it Biosphere Reserve since 1993. Its capital is the city of Mahón.

Menorca has an ancient, Roman, but also Islamic, Christian and British past, so with so many civilizations its cultural legacy is great and interesting. It is worth remembering that Spanish and Catalan are spoken here, in its Menorcan variety, and that its inclination towards tourism is much more recent than its more popular neighbors such as Mallorca or Ibiza.

Cala Mijtana

It is a small natural bay which is on the southwest coast of the island, within the municipality of Ironworks. It has a rocky profile, with light calcareous rocks, a small area of ​​white sand and a grove of pine trees all around it.

Es one of the largest coves on the island, still small, but if you find it too wide because you were looking for something more private next door you have the Cala Mitjaneta, to the right of the main cove, super small so if it's busy you can't stay.

The cove is nothing other than the exit to the sea of ​​the ravine of the same name and it is worth saying that it really it is very easy to get there and that is part of the group of virgin coves. The path that takes you to this picturesque bay is the same that leaves you at the foot of Cala Galdana, you go there, you take the road to Santa Galdana (before reaching Ferrererías direction Mahón from Ciudadela) and you arrive in a few minutes. Luckily there is good signage.

The Cala Mitjana has parking and if you go by car you leave it very close to the sea. Also you can walk from GaldanaIn just 20 minutes you arrive walking and the path goes up to one side and down to the other crossing the pine trees so you can easily move between two coves. This little path is picturesque as it has remains of the forest activity that the area used to have (silos, lime kilns, etc.), each with an information panel so you know what you are seeing.

The beach it is eight kilometers from Ferreries, La Galdana is just over a kilometer away, Macarella three kilometers, Macarelleta a little further, Santo Tomás beach five and a half kilometers and the famous Cala Turqueta that we talked about a few days ago is almost five kilometers away.

In the same municipality and close by are the Galdana and Trabalúger coves and the Ets Alocs. If you arrive at the cove from Ciutadella or from Maó, it is not mandatory to enter the town of Ferreries and you can go to Galdana and from there to Mijtana from the roundabout on the road. So far we always talk about moving by car but sometimes, many times, one does not go with his car or does not rent one because it is expensive so ... Is there public transport to get to know the beach or not? 

Luckily yes. In tourist season there are several buses that take you to Cala Galdana and that stops very close to the parking area of ​​Cala Mitjana. There are buses from Ferreries, from Maó-Alaior-Mercadal and from Ciutadella.

When we talk about Cala Turqueta we talk about what you can do or know in its surroundings. The same thing happens with Cala Mitjana. This beach It is on stage 14 of the popular Camí de Cavalls path, between Galdana and Santo Tomé beach precisely. It is the most wooded stage of the route. And of course, you can always walk to other beaches looking maybe for some privacy.

A little further, after 40 minutes of walking, you will reach Cala Trabaluger. It is a beach wide and secluded precisely because it is difficult to reach it, but the river that spills its waters into the sea, the blue sea and its white sands are a beauty that must be known. In truth, if you don't like being around people my advice is that you walk and walk and get here because you have many chances of being alone or with very few people around you.

You can get there from Cala Mitjana although it is better to do it on foot from Binigaus. Anyway, every path is well indicated so you will not get lost. The road will give you beautiful postcards of Mitjana. Do not stop doing this excursion!

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