Charming towns of Teruel


The phrase charming towns of Teruel it is almost a redundancy. Because all the towns in that Aragonese province are enormously attractive. They have hundreds of years of history, numerous and spectacular monuments and a privileged natural environment.

As if all this were not enough, Teruel, the capital of the province, is known for its great Mudejar art heritage and by legends like that of lovers. Consequently, to talk to you about charming towns in Teruel, our greatest effort should be aimed at selecting some of them, since they should all appear in this article. Without further ado, here is our proposal.

Mora Rubielos

Mora Rubielos

Municipality of Rubielos de Mora

Located in the Gúdar-Javalambre region and surrounded by the mountains of the same name, the first thing that this town offers you is a wonderful natural environment. If you like hiking, mountain biking or skiing, in this area you have magnificent possibilities. In fact, the Valdelinares and Javalambre stations they are very close.

As for its artistic heritage, Rubielos is a true wonder despite its small size. It has a beautiful historic center whose wall still has two entrances: the Portals of San Antonio and Carmen. In addition, the first has a spectacular masonry tower.

For its part, the building of the Town hall It is Renaissance from the XNUMXth century. He is accompanied by several aristocratic houses from that same century and the next. Between these, that of the counts of Florida, that of the counts of Creixell or the palace of the Marquises of Villasegura. In fact, as an anecdote, we will tell you that Rubielos came to have so many stately mansions that it was known as "the saw court".

On the other hand, in the old grace hospital, an XNUMXth century building, you will find the Salvador Victoria Museum Foundation, dedicated to the work of this Rubielian abstract painter. As for the religious heritage of the town, you have to visit the church of Santa María la Mayor, baroque style; the ancients Convents of the Discalced Carmelites and the Augustinians, the latter with a XNUMXth century church, and hermitages such as those of the Santos Mártires Abdón and Senén, Santa Ana, del Pilar or Santa Bárbara.

Albarracín, unique among the charming towns of Teruel


Albarracín, one of the charming towns of Teruel that we advise you to visit

Raised on a height of more than a thousand meters that cuts through the spectacular Guadalaviar river sickle, you will find the town of Albarracín, another of the charming towns of Teruel. Because it is made up of narrow and steep streets that lead to small squares full of charm. Not in vain, the whole town is National Monument 1961 since.

It also serves as a gateway to the Sierra de Albarracin. Therefore, from this town you can start numerous hiking and mountain biking routes. But even more attractive are the monuments that this beautiful town offers you. They are usually included in the Historical Complex of Albarracín, whose common feature is the peculiar architecture of the area.

However, you have to visit the Alcazar, an old walled fortress from the Andalusian era that was the residence of the Banu Razin, sovereigns of the small Taifa kingdom of Albarracín. But its current configuration is due to a reform of the thirteenth century. Together with him, they constituted the defensive system of the town the Wall and towers like of Doña Blanca and the Walker.

For its part, the building of the Town hall It is Renaissance in style and was built in the XNUMXth century. To this same century belongs the savior cathedral, built on the remains of an old Romanesque temple. However, it is also Renaissance, although it was reformed two centuries later by adding the Baroque portal. Likewise, inside, which also shows baroque elements, there is a Renaissance main altarpiece, the work of Cosimo Damian. And in its museum there is a nice collection of Flemish tapestries. Finally, it is also baroque Episcopal palace, which is next to this temple.



View of Valderrobres

capital of the Matarraña region and bathed by the homonymous river, the town of Valderrobres also appears in the association of The Most Beautiful Villages in Spain. It is also a good area for you to practice mountain activities such as hiking, cycling, climbing or horseback riding.

Architecturally, the town is divided into two parts: the historic center and the suburb. He separates them medieval stone bridge, who enters the village through the Portal of San Roque, belonging to the old walls. On the other side is the building of the Town hall, built in the XNUMXth century, which is a marvel of Mannerist style.

For its part, in the highest area of ​​the town is the castle of Valderrobres, whose origin dates back to the twelfth century. With this is confused palace, built in the XVI and very well preserved. Also, next to them is the church of Santa María la Mayor, a Gothic jewel built between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries. Externally, the impressive splayed doorway with a rose window above it stands out. But more curious is its interior. because it responds to north european model of a single saloon nave. Finally, among the houses of Valderrobres stands out the one of the Moles, a perfect example of Aragonese Gothic for its traditional loggia. This name was given to the covered exterior gallery in the upper part of the buildings.

Calaceite, another wonder among the charming towns of Teruel


Calaceite at sunset

We continue in the Matarraña region to talk to you now about Calaceite, a small town of about a thousand inhabitants. It is an area inhabited for many centuries, since just one kilometer away is the Iberian settlement of San Antonio, excavated by the local archaeologist Juan Cabre, which has a museum in the village.

But Calaceite has many other attractions. It is the case of the Plaza of Spain, contributed, and the streets of its historic quarter, dotted with stately mansions. Among these, the Teresa Jassá's workshop house, that of Cabré himself or the Moix house. Even more spectacular is the building of the Town hall, built at the beginning of the XNUMXth century and with a typical gallery of arches on its second floor.

On the other hand, from the old wall there remain the tower and various portals transformed into chapels. This is the case of those of San Antonio and the Virgen del Pilar. However, the chapel itself is San Roque's, Renaissance style. But the most important religious monument in Calaceite is the Parish Church of the Assumption. It was built at the end of the XNUMXth century following the canons of the Baroque. However, the tower was built a hundred years later.


Castellot House

Castellot House in Mirambel

Belonging to the Maestrazgo region, this small medieval and walled town is included by right among the charming towns of Teruel. As an anecdote, we will tell you that it served as the setting for the movie Land and freedom, Ken Loach, director who even has a ride in his name in the town.

But more important are the monuments that this beautiful town offers you. Remains of his medieval castle. But above all, you have to see his Town Hall, built in the XNUMXth century, and stately homes such as those of Aliaga and Castellot, two wonders of Renaissance style.

For its part, the Church of Saint Margaret is already mentioned in the Puebla menu of the fourteenth century. But it was destroyed in the XIX during the First Carlist War. It would be rebuilt later in neo-baroque style. and in the convent of the Augustinian nuns highlights the Santa Catalina church, with several gothic altarpieces.

Finally, Mirambel also offers you magnificent hiking and biking trails. Through the town passes the GR-8, which runs through the entire province of Teruel from north to south. And, likewise, there are several paths that go to Stump and a mountain bike route that goes to The Cuba.



A street in Puertomingalvo

We return to the Gúdar-Javalambre region to tell you about another jewel among the charming towns of Teruel. This is Puertomingalvo, located on a rocky area in whose highest part is the castle from the XNUMXth century, very well preserved. There are also remains of the old Wall with gates such as the Portalón and the Portalillo.

You can't miss either Town hall, a marvel of Teruel's civil Gothic, to which they also belong the Alta and Lloveros housesAs well as Hospital of Santa Maria de Gracia, built in the fifteenth century. And, already on the outskirts of the town, you have several peirones or road markers and the fortified farmhouse of More of Painted Tower.

Regarding the religious heritage of Puertomingalvo, the Parish Church of the Assumption and San Blas, which is baroque from the XNUMXth century. It is made up of three naves with a high choir and a bell tower that you can climb. You will have stunning views of the Sierra de Gudar. They complete the religious architecture of the town the hermitages of Santa Bárbara and San Bernabé. As if all this were not enough, about six kilometers away you have the Archer's waterfall, a waterfall of the Linares River that forms a spectacular landscape.

In conclusion, we have shown you several of the charming towns of Teruel. But we do not want to stop mentioning others that are equally spectacular. It is the case of cantavieja, nestled in a twisted meander; The Fresneda, with its impressive Renaissance Plaza Mayor; splinter, of white and reddish houses staggered in the mountains, or Albalate of the Archbishop, with its impressive episcopal palace castle. All this without forgetting the incomparable Alcaniz, which is the most inhabited town in the Teruel province after the capital and which has a spectacular heritage. Get to know these beautiful villas and tell us about your experience.

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