Fethiye (TURKEY): The best Turkish beaches in the Aegean


Visiting Türkiye is always imagining the city of Istanbul, but this wonderful country has many interesting destinations to offer, and above all Playa, since it owns 8 thousand kilometers of coastline with thousands of landscapes of dazzling charm.

Beyond offering a splendid climate, warm and sunny throughout the summer, Fethiye attracts tourists for its magnificent beaches and interesting historical heritage., attributes that make it one of the main tourist spots in Turkey, with a significant influx of visitors in the summer season. In fact, it is a perfect destination if you want to give an unforgettable experience to your partner or a loved one. Located on the slopes of the mount Mendos, Fethiye is 488 km away. from Istanbul, and its population is almost 70 thousand inhabitants, to which are added the 600 thousand British tourists who annually invade these beaches. Located on the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Telmeso, whose ruins can still be visited, such as the greek amphitheater next to the main pier.

Fethiye offers the traveler a wide range of possibilities in terms of sporting activities, since lovers of the scuba diving They have an ideal coastline for practicing this sport. Those who like adventure sports can also enjoy multiple options due to the mountainous environment that allows for example the practice of paragliding or hiking in its surroundings.



Source: Gofethiye

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