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Each filtering bag United Arab Emirates They are a group of emirates and among them is Dubai For some time now, it has become super popular for its constructions that defy the imagination and for having one of the most enormous and fantastic airports in the world, so also it has gained a lot of tourism.

But Dubai is a muslim countryAs touristy and international as it has become, so there are certain ways of dressing that one must respect. Today we will meet them, so the article is about how to dress in Dubai.


As I said, the emirate, whose capital is the city of the same name, are on the coast of the famous and rich Persian Gulf. A branch of the sea penetrates and crosses the city. This proximity to the sea led the inhabitants of these lands to dedicate themselves to the cultivation and trade of pearls. Because of its location, even long before the discovery of oil, it was a desired territory so it knew how to be in British hands for 200 years.

It was in the 60s when the emirate discovered its rich oil fields and a decade later he joined with others to shape the United Arab Emirates. What is your current government like? It is a constitutional monarchy. It does not have many inhabitants and today the bulk of its population is foreign, people who live there for businesses or immigrants who work in the field of construction and other services.

Dubai does not have as much oil as its neighbors, so yes or yes it is considering diversifying its economic activity, hence it has invested a lot in promoting tourism.

How to dress in Dubai

We go back to the beginning: it is a Muslim emirate so those who have it more complicated are western women accustomed to wearing comfortable and light clothing in the hottest climates.

It is also true that no two Muslim countries are the same and that sometimes in one or the other the rules are more lax, especially for foreigners. In principle, until you see what the rule is like, it is advisable to be prepared to cover your arms and legs and your head, in certain places. That is, wear long sleeves, long pants and a wide handkerchief always at hand.

Now, the city of Dubai is a modern city and not so closed in terms of clothing, after all there are many foreigners. Thus, you will see all kinds of clothes, from shorts to full burkas. Then, in hotels, restaurants and shopping centers, places where it is possible to meet locals and foreigners alike, it is convenient be respectful and cover ankles and shoulders.

If you have no intention of following the old saying "Where you go do what you see" These are the places where you will have the least problem. Especially if you go on a trip outside of Ramadan. If you decide to go out to dinner in a more elegant place, then you have to wear clothes at that point of the circumstance.

And the beach? Then beachwear is worn only on the beach. Here you cannot do what one usually does in beach destinations, that of wearing a bathing suit all day or being in flip-flops all day. Now on the beach you can wear one-piece swimsuit, bikini... both on the beach and in swimming pools and in water parks. Obvious, no nudism or thongs.

However out of these places, that is, if you go for a walk to the oldest district of Dubai, if you visit traditional markets or a mosque then you have to be careful. And it is that immediately you will not feel in your world but abroad. The local people and their customs are going to surround you very soon so you have to be respectful. If you want to avoid glances or comments, which you surely do not understand but they will do the same, better be cautious.

In the case of going visiting a mosque, some allow visits from non-Muslim people, both men and women should go with their legs and arms covered. Some even have extra clothes, in case you didn't leave the hotel dressed like that.

Now another popular destination in Dubai is the desert. There are many tours to the desert and it is better for you to do some because they are great. In this case it is always advisable to wear pants, shorts or capri pants (Also those that you can detach the half of the leg), and muscular top, shirt or shirt. And of course, sunscreen and hat.

During the day the desert is very hot and wearing clothing that covers you a lot is the best option for not suffer burns. It may be cold, it depends on the time of year, it may even be that you go at night, so it is advisable to bring close shoes.

If women cannot show chest, arms and thighs, men can't walk bare-chested either, or in very short shorts or swimsuit that simulates one. No miniskirts, short shorts, tops, transparencies, no hint of underwear. And above all, do not get angry if they attract our attention.

What's the point of discussing the dress code or morals of a culture other than our own? We are not going to change anything and we are passing through, so if by mistake we offend someone and they draw our attention, we should apologize. Nobody wants to involve the police, so it is enough to have even the right attitude.

So, summarizing the most basic points of how to dress in Dubai: In the most popular public spaces, women do not have to cover their heads, yes in mosques, they must cover their shoulders to at least the knees, no miniskirts, t-shirts must have short sleeves, yes you can wear a bikini, jeans , although nothing very revealing. Yes at night, but always with a coat at hand to cover what we expose. In more traditional areas the more covered we walk, the better, the same if we go to a state building.

And the men? They have it easier, but it is still worth knowing a few things: they can wear shorts that are not too short, although it is not the usual, and yes they must be lazy, no cycling vibe, sportswear if you do sports, if not it's not correct, if you go to a mosque you have to wear long pants ...

Does something happen if I don't respect some of this? You can go from receiving some harsh comment, going through a bad look until you have to deal with the police and prison.

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