The coolest bars in Buenos Aires

in Buenos Aires it is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Latin America. It is a very cultural city, with many cinemas, a great theater scene, markets, fairs of all kinds and a unmatched nightlife, which starts late and ends when the sun rises.

Although it is not the cheapest, Buenos Aires is a city that knows how to have fun and offer something different every night. If you want to socialize with Argentines, a bar is the best place, so if this South American capital is on your route, write down their names. cool bars in Bs. As. Perhaps you know love in them.

Bars of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires nightlife is renowned. Starts late and ends at dawn or when the sun rises so if you are to stay up late you will be in your sauce and if not ... then to wake up! Nowadays one of the coolest areas to go out is the Palermo neighborhood, but a good night tour must include other Buenos Aires corners, yes or yes.


Palermo It used to be a quiet, residential neighborhood with only two or three-story houses, heavily wooded and on the outskirts of the center. It was the subject of an urban revolution about twenty years ago and old houses were transformed into restaurants, boutiques, workshops, bars and even television channels and production companies. The heart of the young scene in a few years and a must for tourists. Both day and night.

There are different bars, with a style that makes them unique and that's why they are on this list.


It is unique because looks like a New York subway station. On the outside it does not attract attention, just a door and a staircase that goes down the floor (although first you have to circumvent the doorman with his mandatory reservation list).

If you know New York then you will see the similarities: the tiles, the signs, the turnstiles that organize the passage, the wagon, the tunnel, the platform. Even when you enter with people, take a few minutes to take photos as it is worth the memory. And behind another door is the bar set like the New York subway, albeit with a more luxurious twist.

To Uptown you can go eat and drink. Maybe people dine elsewhere and end up here having a drink after 11pm. There are two Bartenders who create the drinks and a chef who has designed a menu organized according to the neighborhoods of the northern city. Drinks are around 160 Argentine pesos (10 euros)Beer is cheaper and so are glasses of wine. Obviously, a glass of Argentine Malbec must be ordered and if you like a classic cocktail, be sure to try the local versions.

Uptown is at Calle Arévalo 2030, in Palermo. You can visit the website to book in advance: It opens from Tuesday to Friday from 20:30 p.m. to closing.

Naples Bar

This bar is in another of the most emblematic and touristic neighborhoods of Buenos Aires: San Telmo. It is the historic center of the city and has a great nightlife although you have to be careful because at night the area is somewhat dangerous.

The bar works in the house of an antique dealer (Antique houses are popular in this part of town), so between the tables are antique furniture and objects of all kinds, colors and ages. The cars shine, the old cars, since the owner has a large collection with more than 70 classic cars and more than 50 motorcycles. The creator's idea is to mix the cool with the everyday and that this is a place to go with family or friends.

In this space were the carriage garages of a wealthy Buenos Aires man from the beginning of the century and after the remodeling the current space is almost 2000 square meters, mix of bar, restaurant and antique shop. The cocktails are the classics and, obviously, there are many of Italian origin and with names of mafia families, to make them cooler. The drinks menu has been created by a prestigious б so there is nothing improvised.

Cocktails, beer, wine, antipasti, salads, fish, pizzas and pasta. Naples Bar is on Avenida Caseros 449, in San Telmo and is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 am to midnight and on Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm.


Another stylish bar. If you like settings, architecturally rare places, this bar should be on the road. It's a bar in Palermo So all the bars that are in this area you can meet in the same night, if you have the soul of a party.

Apothecary It has the air of an old pharmacy because it works in the premises of an old Palermo drugstore that operated in the 30s. Remodeled, one enters the pharmacy-bar and it feels like back then.

The letter has style since the cocktails are interpreted from botany And so there are drinks with medicinal or refreshing herbs, soothing, floral, in short, even traditional cocktails have another signature. You can order a vodka with hints of rosehip tea and orange peels, for example, or gin with rosemary, and if you are ingenious you can make your own drink with two ingredients that they offer you.

Apothecary works in a two-storey premises and in the center it has an especially enjoyable patio in summer. Music plays and it is a place that becomes super sociable. It opens Tuesday through Thursday from 5 pm to 2 am and on Friday and Saturday from 8 pm to 4 pm. It is on Honduras street 5207, in Palermo. To take a look you can visit the website,

Park Bar

Another bar in Palermo. When you are in Buenos Aires you will discover how difficult it is to get out of the magnetism of this neighborhood. If you go in summer you will not want to move much because here there are many trees, wide paths and terraces to ward off the heat. San Telmo, on the other hand, has more concrete.

Park Bar it is a combination of green and wood that transmits freshness and is very cozy. It has a wide wooden bar, hanging chairs and plants everywhere: on the floor, on the walls and on the ceiling. It really is a very comfortable place that transmits warmth. It has an internal patio open even in winter (They provide you with coats like in other bars in the world), and you can drink and eat.

The menu has gourmet dishes but basically it is simple offers, with country and local flavors. The drink menu, for its part, has the classics and also novelties that they mix alcohol with vegetables and fruits. For example, vodka, passion fruit, elderberry nectar, lemon and white.

You can visit their Facebook page or take a walk: it is at Thames 1472 and is open Tuesday through Thursday from 8 pm to 2 am and Friday and Saturday from 8 pm to 4am.

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