Tickets to the Eiffel Tower

La Torre Eiffel It is a tourist classic in Paris. It is almost impossible to visit the French capital and not climb this building symbolic of the turn of the century, but that is precisely why there are almost always many people.

Are you going to Paris? Do you want to know the famous tower? Then point this information about the Eiffel Tower and its tickets, how to buy them, how much they cost, what type of tickets are there. All here.

The Eiffel Tower

First things first, a brief overview of the tower. It was built at the end of the XNUMXth century, That is why I said above that it is a symbol of the turn of the century. The construction lasted about two years because was to be ready for the 1889 International World's Fair.

It was designed and built by a French company led by Gustav Eiffel, hence its name, and at that time its design was monstrous for many. A column of dark iron towering over the picturesque and elegant roofs of Paris! A horror! It seems that Eiffel was inspired by the Latting Observatory in New York City and after a couple of simple medium designs the final design took shape and he began to think about how to build it.

Construction officially began in 1887 and was inaugurated on March 31. It is built with puddled iron, wrought, and the entire construction weighs ten thousand one hundred tons. Every seven years it receives new paint, about 60 tons, because we must take care that it does not rust. Tower It is 324 meters although it has a few more since the late 50s when a transmitting antenna was placed on it.

The original elevators were five and they were hydraulic but today there are seven, between electric, cargo and hydraulic. Nor is its lighting the original. At the beginning they were gas lights although they were quickly replaced by electric lights and recently flash lights were added that allow games of lights.

Today the tower has five restaurants. On the first floor is the Tour Eiffel 58 for French food. It shares the floor with the Gustave Eiffel Room and on the second level is the Le Jules Verne restaurant with gourmet cuisine.

There is also the Tour Eiffel Buffet with three dining rooms and the Champagne bar on the third floor. Other facilities are added such as a couple of basements and in the upper part a room reserved for Eiffel that today is decorated as in the XNUMXth century.

Tickets to the Eiffel Tower

The tower is the most touristy thing in Paris so luckily it has a super complete website and available in several languages, Spanish included. So, buy your tickets in advance if you don't want to miss out.

As of January 14, 2019 the rates change and it must be said that they are identical both on the online site and at the box office. That is, you are not going to save money doing the purchase online but maybe time. There are different rates depending on the age of the tourist and the destination and mode of ascent.

Thus, the rates are divided into adult rates, youth rate, child / disabled rate and rate for children under four years.

You should also consider whether you are going to go up by stairs or by elevator, to the second floor or to the top or both destinations. A) Yes, These are the current rates this year:

  • Elevator ticket to the second floor: per adult is 16 euros, per young person 30, 8 euros, per child or disabled 10, 4 euros and under is free.
  • Ticket for stairs to the second floor: per adult is 10, 20 euros, per young person 5, 10 euros, per child or disabled it is 2, 50 euros and for minors it is free.
  • Elevator ticket to the top: per adult costs 25 euros, per young person 50 euros, per child or disabled 12 euros and is still free for minors.
  • Stairs + elevator ticket to the top: per adult is 19 euros, per young person 40 euros, per child or disabled is 9 euros and minors do not pay.

The elevator ticket to the second floor allows you to take the elevator to the second floor, the one that goes to the top allows you to go up to the top using two elevators; the ticket from the stairs to the second floor allows you to use the stairs only and the one for stairs + elevator to the top allows you to use the stairs to the second floor and from there the elevator to the top of everything.

While prices do not vary if you make the purchase online Yes you are saving time, although you should know that the staircase tickets + elevator to the top or staircase ticket to the second floor they are only sold at the box office. The rest, yes online, and the best thing is that The purchase can be made up to 60 days in advance and up to three hours before the same day. 

To make the purchase online, you only visit the website and you must select a type of ticket and a date. You must also indicate the number of visitors and that's it.

Monument open every day of the year although at the moment the summit will remain closed between January 7 and February 1 for some works. Between June 21 and September 2, the elevator opens from 9 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., the last one leaves at 11 p.m. The ladder meets the same schedule. The rest of the year the elevator opens half an hour later and closes an hour earlier and the stairs open at the same time but close 6:30 pm.

Finally you should know that You cannot visit the tower with large backpacks or luggage and that there are no lockers or lockers where to leave bags, so go lightly. Also, if there are many people, it may be that some spaces in the tower are closed without notice or that your purse or backpack may be searched.

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