Typical food of Aguascalientes

La typical food of Aguascalientes it is very rich and varied. This is largely due to the history of the Mexican state, but also to the many products of its agriculture and ancestral recipes that date back to pre-Columbian times.

The first circumstance that we have mentioned is related to the fact that Aguascalientes was founded as a stop on the route that linked the central region with the capital of the Viceroyalty of New Spain, that is, with Mexico City itself (here we leave you an article about this city), built on the old Tenochtitlan. It was a gigantic territory that encompassed the Hispanic possessions of North America, the central region of the continent, and even the island of Cuba and those close to it. But, without further ado, we are going to talk to you about everything related to the typical food of Aguascalientes.

Typical food of Aguascalientes: A synthesis of Mexico

From what we have just explained, the typical dishes of Aguascalientes are a synthesis of Mexican gastronomy. It is true that it is made in an indigenous way and adding more ingredients. But, before focusing on the typical food of this state, let's talk a little about its history and idiosyncrasies. Not in vain, gastronomy, land and historical evolution are intimately related.

The idiosyncrasy of Aguascalientes and its relationship with the kitchen

Aguascalientes Landscape

A landscape of Aguascalientes

As we were saying, Aguascalientes was founded as a stop in the silver route, which linked the mines of Zacatecas with the Mexico City. It is located a little north of the area of ​​the Shallows, which combines the great plateaus and plains with mountains up to two thousand meters high.

It is a very fertile region, so it did not take long for farmers and merchants to settle there, creating a prosperous agricultural sector. Thanks to him, in addition, the gastronomy of the area was enriched.

The climate of Aguascalientes itself contributed intensely to this. It presents mild temperatures all year round, with averages around 17 degrees Celsius. They do not usually go below five or exceed thirty. For its part, the rains are scarce, but it has rivers, dams and ancient irrigation techniques that remedy this circumstance.

The result of all this is an agriculture that produces corn, wheat, chili, potato, tomato, avocado, grape and beans, mainly. All these vegetables are found in the gastronomy of Aguascalientes, the same as the meat produced by its strong livestock sector. The region has important cattle and pig herds, but also goats and sheep.

Once we have told you about the raw materials of the typical food of Aguascalientes and its peculiar historical conditions, we are going to focus on its typical dishes, some of which you will love.

Typical dishes of Aguascalientes

In the state and mainly in its capital, the traditional dinners, which, as the name suggests, serve different kinds of snacks for dinner. In turn, these are small servings of tacos, enchiladas, flautas, tamales, tostadas or pozole, that is, traditional preparations throughout Mexico. But more characteristic of Aguascalientes are the dishes that we will talk about below.

Chicken San Marcos

Grilled chicken

A chicken already cooked

Also called Aguascalientes chicken, is one of the traditional dishes of the state. It is usually prepared, as its name suggests, in the FSan Marcos area, which is considered the most important in Mexico. This celebration dates back to 1828 and takes place in an area of ​​ninety hectares.

Among its main attractions are the National Charrería Championship and musical events. But its icon is the San Marcos Garden, a beautiful walkway with balustrades where many acts of the fair are held.

But, going back to the Aguascalientes chicken, it is prepared by sautéing the meat and then adding a sauce made with fruits. This is a sweet wonder that features sugar, cinnamon, peaches, pears, tomatoes, and apricots. Then everything is cooked together and the dish is ready to be savored.

Avocado-style stuffed peppers

Stuffed peppers

Aguacalta chili peppers

El chile It is a basic ingredient in Mexican gastronomy. This species of pepper is eaten throughout the country. But Aguascalientes has its typical way of making it that differentiates it from other regions.

To begin with, it is a large chili that is emptied inside and filled. The products used for this are ground beef and pork, onion, biznaga, garlic and guava that gives it a sweet touch. Because one of the characteristic features of the aguacalestense chili is that not itchy.

Menudo, another typical food from Aguascalientes that you must try

Menudo dish

The small

Although its appearance may give you some qualms, we assure you that menudo is a delicious dish that you must try if you visit Aguascalientes. It is the equivalent of our Calluses, but with different preparation.

Indeed, it has parts of the cow's stomach, but also bones, legs, oregano onion, garlic, dried chili peppers and tomato. With all this, a sauce known as belly broth. Therefore, do not have qualms when it comes to savoring this delight.

The birria

The birria

The birria, a classic of the typical food of Aguascalientes

Also this is a meat dish. It is made with mutton or pork cooked on the barbecue. Then coriander, onion and chili peppers are added. With these ingredients and the juice that comes off the meat, a broth is prepared to which tomato is added.

But what will surprise you the most is its cooking. It is made in a metal container that is inserted into a well previously filled with wood embers. Maguey leaves and soil are placed on top and left for about four hours. Finally, the meat is served together with the aforementioned broth and accompanied with Corn tortillas. In short, an equally delicious dish.

Roast suckling pig

Roast pork

Roast suckling pig carnitas

In reality, the suckling pig or young pig is a gastronomic wonder that is eaten around the world. Without going any further, this dish is famous throughout Castile (here is an article about the Castilian city of Toledo). But the people of Aguascalientes have their own unique way of taking it.

Once the meat is roasted, it is shredded and served accompanied by guacamole mixed with the first juice itself. Once this is done, they consume it on a plate or inside a taco. As you know, this is a corn tortilla stuffed and wrapped. As a curiosity, we will also tell you that this last way of consuming it is frequent to end the night parties, when it is time to go home.

The stuffed gorditas

Chubby stuffed

A chubby stuffed

This dish has its origin in street food, such as burritos or, precisely, the tacos. However, it has become a delicacy of the gastronomy of Mexico in general and of Aguascalientes in particular.

It is also made with corn bread in the shape of a tortilla. Then it is stuffed with pork, chicken or beef and tanning. The latter is an exquisite salad that is prepared with onion, vinegar, cabbage and carrot. Finally, sweet or spicy sauce is added to suit the diner.

The sweets

A flan of cheese and guava

Guava cheese flan

Sweets are very important in the typical food of Aguascalientes. Among them, we could cite you the cream and butter roll, the raisin condoche and grated coconut or the shell, which is a variety of sweet bread.

However, we want to quote you the guava cheese flan for being really delicious. Its ingredients are eggs, condensed milk, caramel and cream cheese. But the original contribution of the area is the guava, an exquisite fruit that grows in abundance in Aguascalientes.

Typical drinks of Aguascalientes


A glass of mead

We could not finish our tour of the typical food of Aguascalientes without telling you about their drinks. Among those that do not have alcohol, we advise you to try the mead, which is extracted from the maguey, another common plant in the area. And also him Sweet uvate, which is made with grapes, cinnamon and sugar.

For its part, among alcoholic beverages you have brandy, liqueurs derived from fruit extracts and brandy. But above all, the colonche, Also called night.

It is a liquor of pre-Columbian origin that is made from the fermentation of nopal and other prickly pears. Typically, the red prickly pear, so the drink has this color. To do this, the juice of these plants is cooked for two or three hours and then left to ferment for several days. The result is a sweet, fizzy nectar that tastes great.

In conclusion, we have shown you some of the typical dishes of Aguascalientes, a Mexican state that has a delicious cuisine and that synthesizes the autochthonous with influences from other areas of the country. However, we could mention many other recipes. For example, popcorn, which are made with ground chicken meat kneaded like a steak and served with beans and rice. Or also the tenderloin in morita chile sauce, which is pork accompanied by a sauce of that type of chili and which has the honor of being considered the spiciest dish in the state. In short, another dish of the typical food of Aguascalientes is the tatemada meat, which has chili peppers and mole and, after simmering, is served with rice, beans and, of course, corn tortillas. Don't you think they are delicious dishes?

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