Columbus, the city of architecture

Columbus, the city of architecture

Columbus, the city of architecture, shines among the cities of United States. Do you know her? It is the capital of the state of ohio, a thriving city, where almost a million people live. A city that offers its visitors a diverse set of attractions, but among which the urban profile stands out, that is, its buildings and other constructions.

Let's meet today in Actualidad Viajes, the brilliant Columbus.



It is named after Christopher Columbus, and was founded in 1812. It is the largest city in the world among all those named in honor of the Italian explorer. Before the arrival of Europeans in the same area, on the banks of the Scioto River, there was a native settlement.

Columbus was founded in 1812 at the confluence of the Scioto River and the Olentangy to be the capital of the new state of Ohio. With so much river nearby, it suffered many floods, and by becoming a city that was more industrial than agricultural, it also suffered the vicissitudes of industry. Was After the Second World War, its growth skyrocketed, in size and population.

What to see in Columbus

War Veterans Museum, Columbus

The truth is that the first thing we recommend you do is visit the city website to have a complete overview of everything the city offers its travelers. There are many routes planned in advance for you to explore local gastronomy or heritage culture, intended for solo or family travelers.

Among people's favorite attractions is the National War Veterans Museum and Memorial (NVMM). It is located in the center, facing the river coast, and opened in October 2018. It is the only site in the entire United States dedicated to telling the stories of war veterans from all armed forces and all conflicts.

And here we start with Columbus architecture and why it is known as Columbus, the city of architecture: the museum building is a masterpiece and with Its reinforced concrete skeleton has won many awards. It is spiral-shaped, and is also used to tell the stories of veterans.

Veterans Museum, Columbus

It has a special area that is a huge circular walkway, which passes through a gigantic four-sided screen in which the reflections of veterans are projected. On the upper floor there is a rest area with a gallery with photographs of families receiving the flag at funerals, for example, and on the lower floor there is rotating exhibits. There is also a outdoor terrace to contemplate the city and the surrounding area Huge park with elms, waterfalls and a pond.

El Columbus Zoo and Aquarium It is another popular attraction. Has more than 10 thousand animals representing 600 species from all over the world, and among them more than 34 belong to endangered species. The institution is more than 95 years old and offers events throughout the year. For example, in summer there are live musical shows and in winter there are Christmas-related events.

Columbus Zoo

And if you like the idea of take a safari without going to Africa you can get close to The Wilds, an area on the outskirts of the city that is a wildlife conservation center, one of the largest in the world. Endangered or rare species live here, outdoors, in their natural habitat. The good thing is that you can make a safari, horseback riding, mountain biking and spending the day in nature.

El Franklin Park and Botanical Gardens It is east of Franklin Park and is a beautiful place to learn about flora. It also houses John F. Wolfe's 1895 mansion, with its nurseries, winter gardens and botanical garden, and if you go at sunset you can see a work of light art by artist James Turrel. In summer and spring the orchids and butterflies shine, in autumn everything is dyed ocher and reddish with pumpkins, and in winter the lights turn on and there are interactive art installations.

Colombus Botanical Gardens

Legoland Discovery Center It is in Easton and it is great to go with children because they really enjoy it. It is one of the newest attractions in Columbus and is the best place to immerse yourself in history, technology and the thousand play possibilities that Lego offers. It includes a 4D cinema theater with 30-minute programs in which you are given cool 3D glasses.

And there is no city that does not have an art museum, so in this case you can visit the Columbus Museum of Art, the CMA, with a collection of local artists and art in general from the 19th and 20th centuries, both American and European art: cubism, German expressionism, contemporary art, photography, glass, etc. It also has a sculpture museum outside that is beautiful.

Franklin park

If you like going out, shopping and having fun, then Easton is the destination. It looks like a village, with wide open public spaces, squares and plenty of free parking. There are all kinds of restaurants and a cinema theater with 30 screens.

The truth is that Columbus, the city of architecture, it is a city with many neighborhoods and each one has his own. You can tour the downton that concentrates finances, Arena District, Short North, Grandviw, Franklinton, Easton, Near East Side, the so-called German Village, and the distillery district, Ohio State & Clintonville stadium, Bridge Park and Dublin or Polaris.


If you like to be organized then you can buy passes: The Columbus Attractions 1 or 3 days, the Zoo and Aquarium pass, the Botanical Gardens pass, the Art Museum pass or the Veterans Museum pass, for example. If you do it in advance you have discount. 

You can also make a original city tour on a seggAway, or take a walk with the same vehicle along the banks of the river and crossing bridges. You can sign up for a walking tour through the distillery district and there are also walks through all the neighborhoods that I mentioned above. The truth is Columbus offers many tours for its attractions and geography, some with guides and others to do on your own. It's really great.

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