The Sonoran Desert

Do you like deserts? There are many on every continent and one of the most important in North America ...

What to see in Florida

One of the states that make up the United States is Florida. It is a state where many people live and its geography ...

Trip to the Rocky Mountains

They are not as famous as the Andes or the Alps, nor as magnificent, but certainly the world of cinema and ...

Monte Rushmore

Many postcards from the United States have become known for the cinema and today we add one more to the list: ...

Silicon Valley

California's Silicon Valley is a mecca for tech and geeks. Precisely, its name means Silicon Valley, ...

Death Valley, tourism in the United States

As its name suggests, Death Valley looks like a valley of death: it is huge, it is desert, it is gray, it does not seem to harbor life. It is a valley with a Death Valley that is not dead at all but boils with life, night and day? Death Valley National Park does not mind extreme heat, so come to know this tourist pearl of the United States.


USA traditions

American movies and series have shown us the customs of the American people on countless occasions. We can probably ...

Hollywood sign

What to see in Los Angeles

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Northern Alaska, the world's limit

If you like Nature with a capital letter then you cannot miss Alaska. The north is the farthest and most rugged part of the state and it's beautiful.

Chichonal Volcano

Volcanoes in North America

We will discover the most incredible volcanoes in North America, some lively and unique places that will leave you with your mouth open.

Dangerous neighborhoods in America

In this post we are going to continue knowing which are the most dangerous neighborhoods in the United States so that you have information about what you can find

Volcanic Tourism in Alaska

Today we will practice volcanic tourism in Alaska. Let's start the tour at Cleveland Volcano, a stratovolcano located west of the ...

Mount McKinley in Alaska

Alaska and Hawaii, the separate states

Hawaii and Alaska are the two separate states of the US and although they are very different they share some things in common. In this article we give you a glimpse of what to see on both sites.

What to visit in Virginia?

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