What to visit in Hanoi

Vietnam is the capital of Hanoi and has more than a thousand years of history so do not miss any of its tourist attractions.

Sapporo, in the far north of Japan

Northern Japan is less frequented but very beautiful. Sapporo awaits you with its mountains, its snow sculptures, its forests and its lavender fields.

Visit Lake Titicaca, wonder in Peru

Peru is a great destination in South America and Lake Titicaca is one of the most fabulous lakes in the world: totora islands, kayaking, archaeological ruins ...

Huayna Picchu, treasure in Peru

Are you going to Peru? Will you visit Machu Picchu? Then squeeze the heart, scare away the vertigo and climb to Huayna Picchu. You will be rewarded with the best views!

The best museums in Tokyo

Are you going to Tokyo but don't want to fall into the classic museums? Then jot down this list of weirdest museums: samurais, sewers, origami, criminals.

The best skyscrapers in Tokyo

Are you going to Tokyo? A good and unforgettable postcard of Tokyo is its skyscrapers and towers. Be sure to visit the Mori Tower, the Tokyo Skytree and the Tokyo Tower.

Seoul Attractions

Why don't you discover South Korea starting with Seoul? The city is modern, cosmopolitan and has everything: culture, history, art, music.

What to visit in Egypt

Don't give up on Egypt and its beauties: the pyramids, the temples, the Nile, the museums, the market, the old town. Egypt continues to shine.

Strolling through San Marino

If you go on vacation to Italy, take a tour of San Marino, one of the smallest countries in the world: castles, medieval villages and landscapes.

5 things to do in Rio de Janeiro

Rio is the tourist capital of the south so if you plan to go do not miss these 5 things: the hills, beaches, favelas, football and of course, the Christ.

What to do three days in Shanghai

Shanghai is a populous city but don't be alarmed, you just have to order the tour. Therefore, point out what to do 3 days in Shanghai so as not to miss the best.

Hong Kong escalators, a very fun tour

Are you going to Hong Kong? Cool! Do not miss its escalators, the longest in the world: they go up and down and pass through shops, bars and restaurants.

Excursions from Bucharest

If you go to Romania don't stay in Bucharest, go on an excursion! There are fantastic sites very close between Dracula's castle, palaces, forests and cities.

Aberdeen, a pearl in Scotland

Aberdeen is a great destination in Scotland: churches, beaches, castles, whiskey distilleries, William Wallace. What else do you want?!

5 places to visit in Lima

Lima is one of the most beautiful and complete cities to visit: colonial history, art and pre-Columbian history, parks, palaces and much more.

Summer days in Bratislava

Are you interested in Bratislava? Does it sound like mystery and the Middle Ages? So, visit it because you will not be disappointed: castles, churches, lakes and medieval fairs.

5 mysterious places in Paris

Paris is an ancient city and it has many mysterious corners. Some are known and others not so much. The Museum of Vampirism, the courtyard of the tombstones?


Things to see in Fuerteventura

Discover many of the things you can see and do on the island of Fuerteventura, from beaches to natural landscapes and cozy towns.

Kawagoe, Little Edo near Tokyo

If you are in Tokyo and you find it very modern and cosmopolitan, travel to Kawagoe, Little Edo, very close, and discover medieval Japan.

5 Museums to visit in Germany

In today's article we bring you 5 museums to visit in Germany. If you plan to travel to the Germanic country soon, be sure to visit them.

Outdoor tourism in Luxembourg

Do you know Luxembourg? It is a small country but it has everything to enjoy outdoor tourism: routes for cyclists and hikers, valleys and castles.

Northern Alaska, the world's limit

If you like Nature with a capital letter then you cannot miss Alaska. The north is the farthest and most rugged part of the state and it's beautiful.

Mongolia, exotic tourism

Mongolia is an exotic and beautiful tourist destination at the same time. If you want to live an adventure these lands of deserts, mountains and steppes await you.

Visit Belfast and Dublin

Are you in Belfast? You can make a trip to Dublin, it is close and has a lot to see. Write down how to unite both cities and what to see in each one.

Visit London and Edinburgh

How about visiting London and then traveling to Edinburgh? Here you have information on how to do it and what to visit in both cities.

What to see in Shiraz, Iran

Discover the wonders of Shiraz, one of the oldest cities in Iran. Gardens, mausoleums, mosques, bazaars, walks.

More sightseeing in Iran

Iran continues to amaze us with its wonders. Isfahan is a large, cultural and World Heritage city. Do not think about not visiting it!

What to do in Lima, capital of Peru

Will you know Machu Pichu? So take advantage and spend a few days in Lima, the capital of Peru. It's a big city! Incas, colonizers, cuisine, art, culture.

Four museums in Buenos Aires

Are you visiting Buenos Aires? Be sure to visit these four special sites: the Colón Theater, the Evita Museum, the Immigration Museum and the Barolo Palace.

Things to do in Belfast

Do not give up visiting Belfast, it is a city that today lives off the Titanic and the War of Thrones. Do not miss it!

Cape Verde Holidays

Do you dare to go to Cape Verde? Follow this guide and you will have a great time!

Things to do in Jamaica

Are you going to Jamaica? Cool! Write down everything you can and should do in this Caribbean paradise.

Cies Islands

6 magical corners in Galicia

Discover a few magical corners in Galicia, a place that continues to grow in tourism thanks to everything it offers.

Branderburg Gate

Summer 2016, what to see in Germany

We suggest you get to know Germany this summer: write down its best tourist destinations! You will discover beautiful cities, museums, castles and palaces!

Czech Republic

Three cities to visit from Prague

If you go to Prague this summer, don't miss Pilsen, Ceské Budejovice and Frantiskovy Lázne. These are three unforgettable walks from the Czech capital!

La Seu Cathedral

7 things to do in Mallorca

Discover seven essential things to do in Mallorca, an island that has more than just beaches and coves with crystal clear waters.

Climb the Sydney Bridge

Three experiences you cannot miss in Sydney

Are you going to Sidney? Do not return without having lived one of these three exciting experiences on its iconic bridge: climbing the bridge, walking across it or flying in a helicopter, which one do you like best?

Nevado Huaytapallana

Nevados of Peru

Discover the 5 most spectacular Nevados of Peru and enjoy the white landscape offered by these huge Peruvian mountains.

Palmyra, a wonder of the Syrian desert

Palmyra is was declared a World Heritage Site in 1980. Located in the middle of the desert and next to an oasis, it is one of the most important archaeological remains that are still preserved.

Asia desert

The great deserts of Asia

Are you traveling to Asia? We discover the six largest deserts on the continent for you to enjoy their scenery and unlikely scenes. Are you going to miss it?

London skyline

London also has modern architecture

Do you like modern architecture? We show you the most current architectural pieces in London that you cannot miss if you are going to travel there.