The town of Catí, in the interior of Castellón, stands out for its precious monuments and its natural environment. Dare to meet her.

Polop de la Marina

Polop de la Marina

Polop de la Marina is a beautiful villa in the province of Alicante. It has beautiful monuments and a privileged environment. know him.



We show you what you can see and do in Uclés, one of the jewels of La Mancha in its part of Cuenca. Dare to meet her.

Ribadeo Town Hall


Ribadeo is one of the most beautiful villas on the Lugo coast. It has a privileged natural environment and monuments. Dare to meet her.



Lequeitio is a traditional Basque fishing village full of monuments and surrounded by a privileged natural environment. Dare to meet him.



Hita is, as well as the birthplace of the archpriest who wrote the Book of Good Love, one of the most beautiful villages in La Alcarria. Dare to meet him



Letur offers you a wonderful natural environment and several monuments of interest as well as good gastronomy. Dare to meet him.


What to see in Alcoy

Do you want to know what to see in Alcoy? We must recommend, among other things, its spectacular modernist heritage. Dare to meet him.



We show you what you can see and do in Mazarrón, a land already inhabited by the ancient Phoenicians and Romans. Dare to meet her.


The provinces of France

Discover the French provinces with the most history and charm for travelers: Normandy, Occitania, Burgundy...

Malpensa Airport

Milan airports

Find out about the three airports that keep Milan connected, how far they are from the city, how to get to and from Milan and much more.

Tegel Airport, Berlin

Berlin airports

Get all the information about the airports that serve the city of Berlin: what they are, where they are and much more.


What to see in Elizondo

We show you everything to see in Elizondo, capital and one of the jewels of the Baztán Valley of Navarre. Come and discover this beautiful villa.

The Alhambra of Granada

Where to park in Granada

Are you wondering where to park in Granada? We show you free and paid parking spaces for your car. Choose the one that suits you.


Towns near San Sebastian

We propose a tour of some of the most beautiful towns near San Sebastián such as Oñate or Zumaya. Dare to meet them.

Tenerife with kids

Tenerife with children

Beaches, cable car rides, water parks, planetariums, camel rides, zoos and much more is what Tenerife offers.


Where to park in Toledo

We explain where to park in Toledo so that you can visit this wonderful Castilian-La Mancha city, monumental like few others. go ahead and do it



Vallvidrera is today one of the neighborhoods of Barcelona. It belongs to the Sarriá district and is home to the Collserola mountain range. Dare to meet her.



We show you everything you can see in Potenza, the capital of the Italian region of Basilicata. Come and discover this beautiful city.

Largest deserts in the world

If you like to discover the wonders of nature, in this article we are going to talk about the splendid deserts, all to be discovered.

new england 1

New England

New England is America's colonial past, but it is also a region of great natural beauty.

Serrano street in Madrid

Serrano street in Madrid

Calle Serrano in Madrid is considered the capital's golden mile for its luxurious shops and monuments. Dare to meet her


What to do in Palermo

We show you what to do in Palermo, the Sicilian city that dazzles with its Arab-Norman architecture. Dare to meet her,


What to see in Bunol

If you want to know what to see in Buñol, we will tell you that it offers you much more than the world famous Tomatina. Dare to discover it.

Views of Hendaye


Hendaye, a border city within the French Basque Country is a treasure for tourists: beaches, castle, park, history.

Lakes of Covadonga

What to see in the lakes of Covadonga

If you are wondering what to see in the Covadonga lakes, we will tell you that they make up a privileged and very beautiful nature. Dare to discover it.

Torre del Fadrí, symbol of Castellón de la Plana

Things to do in Castellon de la Plana

If you are wondering what to do in Castellón de la Plana, we will tell you that it offers you monuments, beaches and good gastronomy. Go ahead and visit it.

Santa Claus Village

Sites of interest at Christmas

Among the places of interest at Christmas, we suggest Rovaniemi, home of Santa Claus, or Disneyland Paris. Go ahead and visit them.

View of Osuna

Beautiful towns of Seville

Among the beautiful towns of Seville, we advise you to visit Cazalla de la Sierra, Carmona, Santiponce or Estepa. Dare to meet them.

La Mota Castle

What to see in Medina del Campo

If you are wondering what to see in Medina del Campo, we will tell you that its monumental heritage will dazzle you. Dare to meet him.


White towns in Spain

Among the white towns in Spain, we highlight those in the provinces of Malaga and Cadiz. For example, Olvera or Gaucín. Dare to meet them.


Charming towns of Teruel

Among the charming towns of Teruel are Rubielos de Mora, Puertomingalvo, Valderrobres or Calaceite. Dare to meet them.

Towns of the Aragonese Pyrenees

Aragonese Pyrenees Towns

Discover the most beautiful villages in the Aragonese Pyrenees to visit with friends or family, both in winter and summer.

View of Madrid

The largest cities in Spain

Among the largest cities in Spain are Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza and Malaga. Dare to meet them.


Ski resorts in Huesca

You have five ski resorts in Huesca. Among them, that of Candanchú, that of Formigal or that of Astún. Dare to meet them.

Bodiam Castle

abandoned palaces

Among the many abandoned palaces in the world, the castle of Duckett's Grove, Leh or Bodiam stand out. Dare to meet them.

Downton Abbey house view

world famous houses

There are many famous houses in the world, for their history or for appearing on TV and in the movies: the White House, Downston Abbey or Casa Milà...


Towns of the Cantabrian coast

Among the beautiful towns on the Cantabrian coast, you have them as beautiful as Vivero or San VIcente de la Barquera. Dare to meet them.

Views of Madrid

Best views of Madrid

The best views of Madrid are offered by places such as the Moncloa Lighthouse or the Cerro del Tío Pío viewpoint. Cheer up to visit them.

Fito viewpoint

Viewpoints of Asturias

Among the most beautiful viewpoints in Asturias you have the Fito, the Reina and Cape Peñas. Dare to visit them

Rome Coliseum

Most important monuments of Rome

Among the most important monuments in Rome, we are talking about the Colosseum, the Fontana di Trevi or Sant'Angelo. Dare to meet them.

View of Cartagena

What to see in Cartagena in Murcia

If you are wondering what to see in Cartagena in Murcia, we will tell you that its heritage ranges from Phoenician times to today. Dare to meet her.


Charming towns of Córdoba

We show you five charming towns in Córdoba. Among them Almodóvar del Río, Montoro and Iznájar. Dare to meet them

Ponferrada Castle

Best castles in Spain

Among the best castles in Spain, we have to tell you about the one in Ponferrada, but also the Álcazar de Segovia. Dare to meet them.


Beautiful towns of Castellón

If you are looking for pretty towns in Castellón, we recommend Morella, Alcalá de Chivert or Ares del Maestre. Dare to meet them.

What to see in Paris with children

Is Paris a city to go with children? If this is a question you are asking yourself, the answer is yes. Despite being one of the most popular European cities Yes, Paris is a city that can also be visited and enjoyed with children: museums, walks, parks, zoos, cinema, theater... there's a lot!

The best swimming pools in Madrid

Summer begins and without a doubt hot days await us and some, surely, will be oppressively hot. Where do you plan to spend those days? If you have Summer 2022 begins and these are the best swimming pools in Madrid.

weird cities of the world

The world has beautiful places and strange places. There is everything. In Actualidad Viajes we always talk about wonderful destinations, attractive for their history The village of the dwarfs, the blue town, a town with dolls instead of people, an underground city... all that and much more.

Forum Square

Largest squares in Spain

The largest squares in Spain are found in cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Seville or Medina del Campo. Dare to meet them


Beautiful towns of Badajoz

Among the beautiful towns of Badajoz, you have towns such as Olivenza, Jerez de los Caballeros or Fregenal de la Sierra. Dare to meet them.

Most beautiful landscapes in the world

In a world dominated by image, it weighs heavily when planning a trip. Who has not been seduced by a landscape and has programmed the Salar de Uyuni, the Cliffs of Moher, Hallstatt... knows some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

Santillana del Mar

Medieval towns of Spain

There are many medieval towns in Spain. They are beautiful towns such as Santillana del Mar, Albarracín or Besalú. Dare to meet them.

Most beautiful cities in Italy

Are you thinking of traveling to Italy? What a beautiful country! With so many beautiful cities it really is difficult to organize a route to leave nothing without From north to south these are the most beautiful cities in Italy.


What to see in Haro

What to see in Haro? The Rioja town offers you monuments, delicious cuisine and wonderful landscapes. Dare to meet her.

Burj Khalifa

tallest towers in the world

The tallest towers in the world are found mainly in Asia. The first from the West is in eighth place. Dare to discover them.

Foz (Galicia)

Cheap coastal towns to live

If you are looking for cheap coastal towns to live in Spain, we will tell you that there are some very nice ones. Discover them and choose one of them.


Most beautiful towns in Cadiz

The most beautiful towns in Cádiz are divided between the coast and the interior. But those of the Sierra de Grazalema stand out. Dare to meet them.


Coastal towns of Malaga

The coastal towns of Malaga offer you wonderful beaches and beautiful monuments with a lot of history. Get to know them and enjoy them.


Coldest towns in Spain

The coldest towns in Spain are found mainly in the Castilian plateau, Aragon and eastern Catalonia. Dare to meet them.

Most dangerous neighborhoods in the world

The world is a very unfair place, there are more and more poor people and that poverty brings crime. Today life in big cities has become All cities in the world have dangerous neighborhoods where it is not convenient to go, neither day nor night. Here some of them.


Smallest cities in Spain

The smallest cities in Spain are by historical designation, not by inhabitants. This is the case of Frías or Redes. Dare to meet them.

Most famous French cheeses

France is synonymous with cheeses. Each region of the country has its particular cheese or cheeses, and there are around 240 cheeses that can be found in general Discover the wonderful and tasty variety of famous French cheeses: Roquefort, Brie, Reblochon and many more...

The most visited countries in Europe

Europe is the region of the world most visited by tourists. There was a time when some of its most beautiful countries were behind the Iron Curtain. Learn about the most visited countries in Europe, which are the most chosen by travelers.


Beautiful towns of Malaga

Among the beautiful towns of Malaga are Ronda, Frigiliana, Antequera or Archidona. Dare to visit them and enjoy their beauties

The Alcantara Bridge

famous roman bridges

Famous Roman bridges such as Mérida or Aelius demonstrate the expertise of engineers in ancient Rome. Discover the most beautiful

View of Jaén

What to see in Jaén

What to see in Jaén. The Andalusian city has a wonderful monumental complex, dreamlike natural surroundings and good gastronomy

Sagunto Attractions

What to do in Sagunto? We discover the historic Levantine city with its monuments and natural environment. Go ahead and visit it.

United States deserts

In many films in the United States we see deserts with serial killers, cowboys, drug dealers or people having an adventure. The deserts of Meet the four great deserts of the United States, cacti, coyotes, sands, bushes, extreme heat and even snow.

Abandoned cities

There are many abandoned cities in the world that were once prosperous towns. We propose you a guide of them.

Saint Michael of Climbing

San Miguel de Escalada is one of the wonders of the Spanish pre-Romanesque. You can visit it in the municipality of Gradefes, province of León.

Travel to the Cook Islands

What beautiful islands there are in the world! Especially in the South Pacific, the land of many of the stories of ...

Oceania countries

The world is divided into geographic regions and one of them is Oceania. This region extends in both hemispheres ...

The French Way of Santiago

The Camino Frances de Santiago allows you to visit wonderful towns such as Estella, Nájera, Carrión de los Condes or Astorga.

The Sonoran Desert

Do you like deserts? There are many on every continent and one of the most important in North America ...

What to see in Lyon

France has many beautiful destinations and you should not be left alone with Paris. For example, another city with a lot of history is ...

View of Soria

What to do in Soria

If you wonder what to do in Soria, we will tell you that it has an outstanding historical-artistic heritage and delicious cuisine.

Visit the Lago di Como

If there is a beautiful lake landscape in Italy, that is the Lago di Como. Here a bit of ...

Trip to Machu Picchu

One of the most magical places in the world, where the connection between us and the environment is palpable to simple ...

Nice and its charms

We are going through very difficult times but the cold is leaving us, the warmer days are approaching and the ...

navona square

Cities of Italy

All the cities of Italy have monuments that will impress you. But among them, Rome, Vatican City, Milan, Venice and Florence stand out.

Traditions of Japan

Japan has many traditions, but according to the time of year it occurs to me that it is a good time to ...

Visit Mount Olympus

One of the most famous mountains in the world is Mount Olympus, the most popular mountain in Greece and the ...

Dare to travel

Five destinations to travel alone

Do you feel like traveling alone? We show you five cities that are a magnificent destination to enjoy even if you are not accompanied.

Tahiti trip

Tahiti is a French island that is synonymous with paradise. It is distant, exotic, exuberant, rich and expensive, but of course ...

Cornwall, a treasure in England

England is the owner of incredible, beautiful, postcard landscapes, you can't really believe the green of its countryside, the ...

Visit Cabo de Palos

A cape is a point of land that projects towards the sea and that influences the tides and ...

Krabi, wonder in Thailand

Thailand has many beautiful natural landscapes. When it comes to nature, Thailand is undoubtedly a paradise in the Southeast ...

Visit the Palace of Versailles

Are you traveling to France this spring and want to visit the magnificent Palace of Versailles? You will not regret it,…

A walk through Central Park

One of the most emblematic places in New York is Central Park, the central park that is known worldwide thanks to film and television. And why are you going to New York? Don't even think about missing a walk through the fantastic Central Park!

Tourism in the Black Forest

The name «Black Forest» refers either to a delicious dessert or to a very beautiful area of ​​Europe….

London Eye, a must in London

Many cities have great attractions, thought, designed and built with a tourist point of view. An example is the London ...

Visit Mount Fuji

The symbol of Japan is Mount Fuji. Any fan of manga, anime or Japanese cinema knows it ...

Journey to the Valley of Nuria

Spain has incredible destinations and if you like nature and outdoor tourism then you can go to the province of Gerona, in Catalonia, winter is coming so you can plan a ski trip. Do you know the Valley of Nuria and its station? It is cool, beautiful and familiar.

Middle East capitals

Middle East. This region of the world has been in the news very frequently for just under fifty years. Partly because it is a Middle East area, it has very old cities and rich in history and culture. They are not always the safest but if you like adventure ...

The most beautiful castles in Spain

What a selection! The truth is that it is quite difficult to make a list of the most beautiful castles in Spain ... There are so many! And by what criteria could Spain have many beautiful castles, is it possible to make a list? We have tried so see if you like the same ones.

The Tower of Pisa

Man has always liked to build upwards and the world is full of constructions that try to scratch the sky or reach the clouds. In If you go on a trip to Italy, don't miss the Tower of Pisa. Sñi, the famous leaning tower. It is super close to Florence.

The Tower of Belém

  If you like architecture there are many buildings and structures that deserve to be known in person. Portugal has, for example, many buildings. Are you going on a trip to Lisbon? Then do not forget to visit the beautiful Torre de Belém. It is beautiful outside and inside and from its terrace the views are the most.

The Monastery of Guadalupe

Europe is full of churches and monasteries and some of the most beautiful are in Spain. This is the case of the Monastery of Guadalupe, one of the World Heritage Sites of Spain is in Extremadura and it is the beautiful Guadalupe Monastery. Do not miss it!

Ecuador customs

Latin America is a melting pot of races and its thousands of years of civilizations and cultures have left an important legacy. Maybe, for a non-American, don't you go to Ecuador? Well, it is a beautiful country and it has many customs. How about knowing some of them before visiting? etiquette, typical costumes, food ...

Bolivian customs

If you do not know South America, it is likely that you do not know that Bolivia is a multifaceted country and therefore it is not possible to say that its traditions and. Are you going to Bolivia? What a beautiful destination! It has a lot of cultural customs, a lot of history and a lot of tasty food! Be sure to try a little of everything.

Game of Thrones map

Medieval fantasy is a great genre that can contain in the same story from magic and political intrigue, through romance to heroism and Do you like Game of Thrones? Well, in Ireland and Spain you have many natural settings where several episodes of the series have been filmed.

5 very bizarre restaurants in Tokyo

Eating in Tokyo is always a party but in these 5 places it is also the most bizarre thing in the world: vampires, psychedelic dreams, ninjas ...

Ghostbusters Tour in New York

If you go to New York and you like the movies there is a lot to go, but if you are a fan of The Ghostbusters you can see their locations. Take the Ghostbusters tour!

Airbus A380, the largest of all

Do you know which is the largest commercial airplane in the world? It's the Airbus A380, the double-decker plane with a bar and shower. Get to know it!

Vanuatu, a distant paradise

Less known than Tahiti or Bora Bora but just as beautiful is Vanuatu, in the South Pacific. The islands offer beaches, volcanoes, jungles, and even cannibals.

Excursions from Kyoto

The surroundings of Kyoto are wonderful so be sure to visit them: Arashiyama, Kokedera, Katsura and the thousands of red toris of Fushimi Inari.

Enjoy a week in Jamaica

Jamaica is synonymous with beaches and reggae but offers so much more. A week in Jamaica is the best: beaches, waterfalls, jungle, mountains and lots of rum.

Sunny vacation in Barbados

Do you think of the Caribbean? Well, Barbados is a great destination: beautiful beaches, dreamy sea, colonial history and lots, lots of rum.

Visit the Rock of Gibraltar

Would you like to make a getaway to Gibraltar? With a few days it is enough to go up and down the rock, eat, walk and enjoy.

Nightlife in Dubai, how to have fun

Are you going to Dubai? Well, it is much more than desert and shopping, it has a fantastic nightlife! Pack clothes to go out because you are going to have a great time.

What to eat in summer in Tokyo

If you go to Tokyo in summer, be sure to try the best summer dishes in the capital of Japan. You will be surprised by how tasty they are!

What to do 3 days in Havana

Are you going to Cuba? Do not jump directly to its beaches. Spend 3 days in Havana and discover its history, culture and heritage. You will not stop surprising you!

The 5 best panoramic views of Paris

When you go to paris, do not stop walking through its streets and climbing its tallest buildings. Get to know the 5 best panoramic points of Paris!

5 tourist activities in Auckland

Auckland is a great destination in New Zealand. A beautiful city, if there are any, offers us many outdoor activities. Discover them!

A guide to visiting Moscow

In 2017 the hundredth anniversary of the Russian Revolution is celebrated and you can schedule a trip. Therefore, write down this guide of what you can not miss in Moscow

Santa Lucia, summer all year

Do you want a place where it is summer almost all year round? Then head to the Caribbean and enjoy the beautiful island of Santa Lucia. You will not regret!

malt 2

What to do when visiting Malta

Are you going to Malta? They are three islands of landscapes, history, ancient temples and tasty gastronomy. Do not miss it!

Spain, a movie set

The television series, so fashionable in recent times, and the cinema have become the best advertisement ...

Dunnottar Castle

Follow the Scottish Castle Route

Scotland is famous for its castles and you can follow the Scottish Castle Route to see the best, the most beautiful, the unforgettable


Recommended destinations in Portugal

A trip through Portugal is not complete if you do not visit these cities. Combine history, landscapes, culture and gastronomy and it will be unforgettable!


The best excursions from Nice

If you visit Nice this summer, do not miss the charming villages of the French Riviera that are around. They are old and beautiful!

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

The Portuguese Way to Santiago

The Portuguese Way of the Camino de Santiago is the second most carried out after the French, and part of Tui, in the south of Galicia.


Summer 2016, what to do in Norway

Do you think Norway is a beautiful but expensive destination? Do not stop, write down this information on costs and attractions and travel to enjoy.

Ella, the best of Sri Lanka (part I)

She is located in the district of Badulla (province of Uva) and at a height of 1050 meters above sea level. Connected with Colombo and Kandy (main cities of the country)

Andalusia Beaches

3 of the best beaches in Andalusia

There are many beaches in Andalusia that are popular and great, and we show you three of the best, which you should not miss if you travel south.