Coastal towns of Asturias

Asturias is a principality on the northern coast of Spain, with part of its territory on the Cantabrian Sea. It is inhabited by more than one Discover the most beautiful coastal towns in Asturias, from dinosaur footprints, through medieval churches to beautiful beaches.


Castropol, what to see?

To answer the question Castropol, what to see?, is to tell you about wonderful nature, beautiful monuments and festivals full of tradition

Jerte Valley

Towns of the Jerte Valley

Among the beautiful towns in the Jerte Valley are towns such as Navaconcejo, Piornal or Cabezuela del Valle. Dare to visit them.

Potes, in the region of Liébana

Cheap destinations in Spain

Are you looking for cheap destinations in Spain? We propose several. Among them, the region of Liébana, Ávila or the Costa Blanca. Dare to visit them.

Roman villas in Spain

It has always seemed to me that when one wants to imagine the life of yesteryear, the palaces do not offer a good postcard. Too much luxury, too big, Discover some of the most beautiful Roman villas in Spain, true historical treasures.

Alhambra of Granada

Important monuments of Spain

Among the important monuments of Spain, the cathedrals, the Alhambra and the Sagrada Familia by Gaudí stand out. Dare to visit them.


Beautiful towns of Toledo

To talk to you about beautiful towns in Toledo is to talk about La Puebla de Montalbán, Tembleque, Ocaña or Orgaz. Dare to meet them.

Forum Square

Largest squares in Spain

The largest squares in Spain are found in cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Seville or Medina del Campo. Dare to meet them


Beautiful towns of Badajoz

Among the beautiful towns of Badajoz, you have towns such as Olivenza, Jerez de los Caballeros or Fregenal de la Sierra. Dare to meet them.

Santillana del Mar

Medieval towns of Spain

There are many medieval towns in Spain. They are beautiful towns such as Santillana del Mar, Albarracín or Besalú. Dare to meet them.

Most beautiful cities in Italy

Are you thinking of traveling to Italy? What a beautiful country! With so many beautiful cities it really is difficult to organize a route to leave nothing without From north to south these are the most beautiful cities in Italy.

Nudist beaches of the Costa Brava

From Blanes, in Spain, to Portbou, on the border with France, stretches the so-called Costa Brava, a 214-kilometre stretch of coastline that is striking for Summer is coming and you can visit the nudist beaches of the Costa Brava to be close to nature .

What to see in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a small country in the Balkans, mountainous and full of treasures for the traveller. The territory has been inhabited for thousands of years so Bulgaria has very old cities, full of architectural and archaeological treasures, as well as unforgettable mountainous landscapes.

Acropolis of Athens

Acropolis, what is it

We explain everything about the acropolis, what it is and which are the most important. For example, that of Athens or that of Aso. Dare to meet them.

What to see in the south of France

The best postcards are from the south of France. This part of the country brings together everything one can expect from a French vacation with beaches. The verb is coming and it's time to schedule a vacation with sun and beautiful landscapes. For that, how about the south of France with Saint Tropez, Nice, Saint Remy, Arles, Avignon...?

Benagil Beach

Algarve beaches

The beaches of the Algarve, such as Marinha, are so spectacular that they are among the best in Europe. Dare to meet them.


Most beautiful towns in Cadiz

The most beautiful towns in Cádiz are divided between the coast and the interior. But those of the Sierra de Grazalema stand out. Dare to meet them.

Bunker at the top of León

Bunkers in Spain

There are many bunkers in Spain from Bilbao to Catalonia, passing through Madrid. Don't you think visiting them is a form of alternative tourism?

How were the Canary Islands formed?

The Canary Islands are an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. They are to the northwest of Africa and in total they add up to about eight islands, five islets and eight. The Canary Islands are islands with active volcanoes and an overflowing nature. Find out what is known about its formation through time, magma and pyroplastic explosions.


Coastal towns of Malaga

The coastal towns of Malaga offer you wonderful beaches and beautiful monuments with a lot of history. Get to know them and enjoy them.


When to travel to Iceland?

When to travel to Iceland? All times are good to visit the Nordic country, but summer is the best season. Dare to meet him.

What to do in the Cíes Islands

The most perfect Galician islands are the Cíes Islands, a paradise, a picturesque postcard that attracts visitors from all over Europe. So much so that they were Discover the natural wonders of the Cíes Islands, a treasure of the Galician coast.

Caves in Asturias

Asturias is an autonomous community of Spain, on the northern coast of the country. It is inhabited by around a million people and it is a very region. Asturias is the capital of caves and rock art in Spain. Meet the most beautiful and valuable caves.

Tabernas desert

Deserts in Spain

Talking about deserts in Spain means talking about Tabernas, in Almería. The others are rather desert areas. Dare to meet them.

the beauties

Abandoned towns of Madrid

The abandoned towns of Madrid are a sample of depopulated Spain. But go ahead and visit them. They keep more than one surprise.


Coldest towns in Spain

The coldest towns in Spain are found mainly in the Castilian plateau, Aragon and eastern Catalonia. Dare to meet them.


Asturias towns with beach

Asturias towns with beach. We propose a tour of the coast of the Principality knowing its most beautiful fishing villages

Towns in Germany

Germany has many attractive places for tourism but beyond the cities, the museums and everything related to the Second World War there is Discover the most picturesque towns in Germany: Görlitz, Tübingen, Füssen, Bacharach and many other medieval gems.

Calas of Cadaques

One of the most beautiful coasts in Spain is the Costa Brava. It runs 214 kilometers to the border with France and it is here, in Cap de Creus, where there are The coves of Cadaqués, on the beautiful Costa Brava, they are everything you are looking for: crystal clear waters, sports, entertainment, nature, services... .

The most visited countries in Europe

Europe is the region of the world most visited by tourists. There was a time when some of its most beautiful countries were behind the Iron Curtain. Learn about the most visited countries in Europe, which are the most chosen by travelers.


Typical foods of spain

Typical Spanish foods such as potato omelette, paella or Asturian bean stew are famous all over the world. Dare to savor them.

What to see in Saint Malo, France

France has beautiful destinations where art and history are combined. One of them is Saint Malo, the most popular tourist spot in Brittany Saint Malo is a tourist pearl in French Brittany, somewhere between Roman and medieval, with beautiful beaches and great walks.

The Alcantara Bridge

famous roman bridges

Famous Roman bridges such as Mérida or Aelius demonstrate the expertise of engineers in ancient Rome. Discover the most beautiful

History of the Roman ruins on the beach of Bolonia

There is a village in southern Spain called Bolonia. Here, on its beach, on the coast of the Strait of Gibraltar, there is a set of Roman ruins. Meet Baelo Claudia, the most spectacular Roman ruins in the entire Iberian Peninsula.

Where to swim with dolphins in Spain

Dolphins are beautiful and super smart. They are marine mammals, cetaceans, and there are 34 species. Did you know? I love them, but I consider them to be. Although it is forbidden to swim with dolphins in Spain, there are places where you can meet and interact with them.

Swiss Alps

Swiss customs

Swiss customs range from social life to craftsmanship through festivities and gastronomy. Dare to discover them

Typical German dishes

Germany is a federal country with many centuries of history, so its cuisine just reveals this cultural journey. It is not famous like the French, the German cuisine is much more than sausage and beer, so be prepared to try more flavors and yes, also a lot of beer.

What to see in Andorra in 2 or 3 days

The Principality of Andorra is between Spain and France and is a small sovereign state whose territorial extension is barely 500 square kilometers. Take a walk around Andorra: you can go hiking, visit museums, ski and do some great shopping.

Tips for traveling to the Black Forest

One of the most beautiful regions in Germany is the Black Forest. Who can not fall in love with its dense forests, its fairy tale villages, its Take note these tips not to miss the best of the Black Forest: hiking, skiing, medieval villages, old mines, exquisite food, unforgettable landscapes.

What to see in Portocolom

In Mallorca there is a town with the name of Portocolom, an old fishing town, very touristy, which rests on a beautiful bay and is a great Portocolom is a fishing town in Mallorca that is a great summer destination for its coves, its turquoise sea , its caves, its kitchen ...

Lavender fields in France

When summer looms in the south of France, certain parts of the countryside turn lavender and put on a marvelous spectacle. This is how beautiful they are Summer is blowing up in Provence and the French countryside is flushed with lavender.

The palace of westminster

English customs

England customs such as Boxing Day or the changing of the guard in Buckingham will surprise you. Dare to travel there and enjoy them

Amalfi Coast: what to see

The Amalfi Coast is undoubtedly one of the best tourist pearls in Italy, but it is also true that for a first trip it can become something. Discover the beauties of the Amalfi Coast: towns, coastal routes, palaces, gardens, ruins and beaches.

Culture of greece

  Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. After all, it is the cradle of our modern western democracies and you still discover the customs of Greece: what to eat, what families are like, work, the arts ...

What to see in Limoges

In the Limousin region, France, there is a beautiful city internationally recognized for the quality and beauty of its porcelain: Limoges. It is a city Limoges, the cradle of the most famous porcelain in the world, has much more charms to offer you.

What to see in La Gomera

What to see in La Gomera is very easy to answer: wonderful landscapes, charming beaches and many monuments. Dare to know her

Where to go on vacation in Spain?

Do you want to know where to go on vacation in Spain? Discover five wonderful destinations in our country and enjoy some magical days.

Malta's megalithic temples

The world has many mysterious places, of those that little is known and much is presumed. Malta is one of them or, more specifically, the temples. Get to know the mysterious megalithic temples of Malta.

Italian customs

Discover the customs of Italy, those that have shaped the character of its inhabitants over time.

Culture of Germany

Germany is in the center of Europe and after Russia it is the country with the largest number of inhabitants on the continent, with 83 million people living. Discover what German culture is like, what people are like, their customs, their traditions

The Galician regional costume

Learn about the history of the Galician regional costume, a traditional clothing of the peasants of the seventeenth century and that lasts even today.

Es Trenc beach in Mallorca

Surely next year will be a more normal year and we will be able to enjoy our summer vacations more. Thus, we can travel to Mallorca and rest. Es Trenc Beach is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in Mallorca: sun, dunes. turquoise sea, much peace.

Spanish traditions

Each country has its customs, a product of the passage of time, its people, its land. What then are the Spanish customs that should be appropriate? Do you know the most popular Spanish traditions? Flamenco, bullfight, parties, siesta, how are weddings, what is going to bars and tapas ...

Sanlúcar horse races

The Sanlúcar horse races are a different show that takes place in a wonderful and privileged natural environment

Biarritz beach

Biarritz has many great beaches for sunbathing, surfing, swimming, playing or walking. Which one are you looking for?

Legends of Galicia

The legends of Galicia are as numerous as they are beautiful and respond to the rich oral and mythical heritage of the land of Breogán


Guadalest is a Historic-Artistic Complex and is part of the network of the most beautiful towns in Spain. Dare to visit it.

Portugal tolls

How are the tolls in Portugal

We tell you some details to learn how to pay the tolls in Portugal, an important detail if we travel to the Portuguese country.

Cala Moraig

Cala Moraig is one of the most unique beaches in the province of Alicante. In it, the Cova dels Arcs stands out.

Melero meander

The Melero meander forms a unique and spectacular landscape that you can see in Caminomorisco, belonging to the Las Hurdes region.

Irish traditions

Irish traditions

We will talk about some of the best traditions in Ireland to get to know this incredible destination a little more.

Azores beach

The best beaches in Azores

We are talking about some of the best beaches in the Azores islands, which stand out for their great beauty.

Rural tourism in Galicia

If you want to do rural tourism in Galicia, we propose several destinations such as the Costa da Morte, the Ribeira Sacra or the Mariña Lucense.

Cala Llombard

Cala Llombards in Mallorca

We give you advice on what to see in Cala Llombard, on the island of Mallorca, as well as the nearby places.

What to see in Extremadura

Extremadura is one of the autonomous communities of Spain and is made up of two provinces, Badajoz and Cáceres. It is a land ...

Faedo from Ciñera

Faedo from Ciñera

We are talking about Faedo de Ciñera, a beautiful beech forest located in León that has beautiful landscapes.


Leonese Fjords

We tell you what can be seen in the Leon fjords, a very beautiful area in Castilla y León.

Timisoara, with Romanian charm

Eastern Europe is a charming destination. Centuries of history and political systems have left their mark and there are ...

Chambord castle

Chambord castle

We tell you everything that can be seen in the Château de Chambord located in the Loire Valley in France.


Baltic Sea

Compared to the warm and crowded waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic Sea can seem cold, distant and ...


Brindisi is one of the great attractions of the Italian region of Apulia. It offers you beautiful beaches, monuments and delicious cuisine.

Put on maceira

Ponte Maceira is a beautiful village that is next to Santiago de Compostela and that stands out for its wonderful nature and its monuments.



We tell you what can be seen in the Polish city of Katowice in the province of Silesia.

Sumburgh Lighthouse


We tell you what you can see in the incredible Shetland Islands in the north of Scotland, a true paradise.

Trieste what to see


We are going to discover what we can see of interest in the Italian city of Trieste, with its historical area.

Fucino do Porco

Fuciño do Porco in Galicia

We tell you more about the beautiful landscape known as Fuciño do Porco located in the Lugo mariña in Galicia.

Wewelsburg Castle

Wewelsburg Castle

We tell you about the history of Wewelsburg Castle in Germany, a historical place.

Plaza Mayor of Salamanca

Plaza Mayor of Salamanca

We will talk about the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca, an emblem of the city and a very beautiful architectural complex.

Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village

We are talking about the Santa Claus Village theme park, located in Finland, where Santa Claus lives.

Towns of Córdoba

The towns of Córdoba offer you a wonderful monumental heritage and a no less spectacular landscape of meadows and olive groves.

Towns of Cádiz

Towns of Cádiz

We show you some of the towns in Cádiz that you should not miss, full of white houses, heritage and natural spaces.

What to do in Dresden

Dresden is a German city, capital of the state of Saxony. It is an old city, very cultural, great if you like ...

Urbión Black Lagoon

Urbión Black Lagoon

Visiting the most incredible natural places is also a good idea for a getaway. In this case we talk ...

Bran Castle

Romania, essential places

We tell you all the places of interest that can be seen in Romania, with different cities and monuments.


What to see in Bern

We tell you everything you can see and do in the beautiful city of Bern in Switzerland, with an interesting old town.

Duomo of Florence

One of the largest temples in Christendom is the Florence Cathedral, popularly known as the Duomo. Surely…

Towns of Toledo

Towns of Toledo

We are talking about some of the best towns in Toledo to visit during a weekend getaway.


What to see in Ghent

We tell you everything that can be seen and done in the city of Ghent in Belgium, a city full of history.

Reunion Island

Remnants of old and unjust empires can still be seen in some corners of the world. It is the case of the Island ...

Towns of Malaga

Towns of Malaga

The province of Malaga is well known for its Costa del Sol, for its beaches and its landscapes. But more…



We tell you everything that can be seen in Latvia, a country with a coastline, natural areas and beautiful cities.


What to see in Bergamo

We tell you everything that can be seen in the Italian city of Bergamo, in the Lombardy region.

Nuremberg Tourism

One of the cities with its own weight in history is Nuremberg. I think we know her more from books ...


Located in the province of Brugos, in the valley of the Arlanza river, one of the most important wine regions of ...

Square in Betanzos


We tell you what can be seen in the Galician town of Betanzos, in the province of A Coruña.


Tallinn, capital of Estonia

What to see in the city of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, with its beautiful old town, a World Heritage Site.

View of San Vicente de la Barquera

San Vicente de la Barquera

San Vicente de la Barquera offers you a wonderful natural environment, several monuments and a delicious gastronomy based on fishing.


What to do in Fuerteventura

We tell you everything that can be done and seen on the island of Fuerteventura in the well-known Canary Islands.


What to see in Marseille

We tell you about the places of interest in the French city of Marseille, a beautiful port city located in the south of the country.

What to see in Lyon

France has many beautiful destinations and you should not be left alone with Paris. For example, another city with a lot of history is ...


What to see in Switzerland

We tell you which are the main places of interest in Switzerland, a country with beautiful natural landscapes and cities with historic centers.

Croatia what to see

What to see in Croatia

We tell you which are the main places of interest in Croatia, a place that offers natural spaces and ancient cities.

The amphitheater of Pula

Pula in Croatia

Pula in Croatia has become an important tourist destination thanks to its Roman and medieval heritage and the beaches of the Adriatic coast.

View of Las Hurdes

The Hurdes

Las Hurdes are no longer the backward territory that Buñuel portrayed. Today they offer you impressive landscapes and very good gastronomy.

Grindelwald, in Switzerland

Switzerland is a postcard country. Beautiful lake landscapes, picturesque villages, clean cities, educated citizens, good means of transportation… Yes…

What to see in Sardinia

What to visit in Sardinia

We show you which are the main points of interest on the island of Sardinia in Italy, with beautiful beaches and interesting cities.

La Rochelle

La Rochelle

We tell you what can be seen in the French city of La Rochelle, a destination with a beautiful old town and an interesting port.


What to see in Slovenia

We tell you everything that can be seen in Slovenia, full of historical cities and many natural spaces of great beauty.

The Triana bridge

Triana Bridge

The Triana bridge is one of the symbolic monuments of Seville. With more than a hundred years of history, it links the city with the neighborhood of the same name.

Trip to iceland

If you like thermal baths and wild nature, always challenging, then you must visit Iceland. The Prime Minister announced ...

View of Sierra Nevada


Monachil counts in its municipal term with the Sierra Nevada ski resort. But it also offers you monumental heritage and good gastronomy.


Things to do in Rothenburg

We tell you everything that can be seen in the German city of Rothenburg, a town with a beautiful medieval old town.


Water parks in Catalonia

We tell you which are the best water parks in Catalonia, large complexes with attractions and leisure spaces.

View of S'Agaró

Aro Beach

Playa de Aro is located in the heart of the Costa Brava and stands out for its beautiful coves, its impressive landscapes and its delicious cuisine.

View of Robledillo de Gata

Gata's Robledillo

Robledillo de Gata is a jewel in the province of Cáceres. It preserves its traditional architecture and offers you beautiful hiking trails.

Visit the Lago di Como

If there is a beautiful lake landscape in Italy, that is the Lago di Como. Here a bit of ...

View of the monastery of Sant Feliu de Guixols

Sant Feliu de Guixols

Sant Feliu de Guixols has a wide monumental heritage. But, above all, it offers you beautiful beaches and coves in an incomparable setting.

Shrine in Fatima

Fatima in Portugal

We tell you what can be seen in the town of Fatima in Portugal, a place where you can discover places of worship and natural spaces.

A trip through Cappadocia

One of the most popular postcards of Turkey is Cappadocia, a historical region that spans several provinces and has ...

San Sebastián

What to see in San Sebastián

We tell you everything that can be seen in the beautiful city of San Sebastián, a place with good gastronomy and better landscapes.

La Graciosa Island

The eighth island of the Canary Islands, La Graciosa, has all the necessary attributes to spend a few days that enhance your ...


Skiing in Andorra

Skiing in Andorra provides you with an unforgettable experience due to its weather, the quality of its snow and its magnificent stations.

The Roque Nublo

Roque Nublo in Gran Canaria

We tell you what can be seen if we visit the Roque Nublo, a rock formation located in the center of the island of Gran Canaria.

The Colossus of Rhodes

Today the modern world has chosen its own wonders, but historically the Wonders of the Ancient World are the ...

Cangas de Onís Parador

On the banks of the River Sella and surrounded by the Picos de Europa, in a place of incomparable beauty you will find ...

Cerralbo Museum

Located in a beautiful and central XNUMXth century mansion on Ventura Rodríguez street, the Cerralbo Museum is one ...

Traditional food from Spain

The traditional food of Spain is extensive, varied and very tasty. It is mainly made up of contributions from the different ...

View of Carcavelos beach

Beaches near Lisbon

The beaches near Lisbon more than make up for the lack of sand in the Portuguese capital since there are them for families, young people and surfers.

Gate of the lions

What to see in Mycenae

We tell you everything we can see in the archaeological site of Mycenae in Greece, along with the archaeological museum.

View of Patones de Arriba

Patones de Arriba

Patones de Arriba is one of the best examples of slate architecture in Madrd. But it also has privileged surroundings.

Conil de la Frontera

What to see in Conil de la Frontera

We are going to show you everything that can be seen and done in the Andalusian town of Conil de la Frontera located in the province of Cádiz.

Delphi, in Greece

Greece is the destination that no traveler should miss. It has everything: incredible gastronomy, a lot of history, a lot of culture and ...

Pedraza City Council


Pedraza, in Segovia, is one of those villas that takes you back to the Middle Ages for its narrow, cobbled streets and its abundant monuments.

What to see in Bergen

If you are visiting Norway, then Bergen will be on your list as it is the second largest city in ...

Piazza del Duomo

What to see in Catania

We tell you everything that can be visited in the beautiful Italian city of Catania located on the island of Sicily next to Mount Etna.


The best of Portugal

We are going to show you what is the best of Portugal, a country full of interesting corners.

Capri Photo

Italian islands

The many Italian islands offer you beautiful landscapes and beaches, monuments, a large number of archaeological remains and good gastronomy.

What to see in Turkey

The Republic of Turkey divides its territory between Europe and Asia, and is a land rich in ...

Photo of Nijar

Towns of Almería

The towns of Almería are worth a visit. In them, you will find history and monuments, natural beauties and magnificent gastronomy.

Ézaro waterfall

Ézaro waterfall

We tell you everything that can be seen and how to get to the well-known Ézaro Waterfall of the Xallas River in Galicia.

Image of the Plaza Mayor de Chinchón

What to see in Chinchón

There are many who define Chinchón as the most beautiful town in Madrid as it is one of the towns ...

Piazza Navona

Cities of Italy

All the cities of Italy have monuments that will impress you. But among them, Rome, Vatican City, Milan, Venice and Florence stand out.

Tourism in Finland

For a long time progress was elusive for the countries of Northern Europe, but since the end of the…

Naples and its charms

One of the largest cities in Italy is Naples, the capital of Campania. It is also a great tourist destination already ...

Trip to london

London is one of the largest and most vibrant cities in the world. Whether it is the first time you visit ...

Photo of the Royal Palace


Turin was the capital of the Kingdom of Paimonte-Sardinia, responsible for the Italian unification. It offers you numerous monuments and an exquisite gastronomy.


Things to do in Hallstatt

We tell you everything you can see and do in the small town of Hallstatt located by a lake in Austria.

What to see in Sardinia

One of the top destinations in Italy is Sardinia, a charming island in the Mediterranean Sea, which year ...

View of the Château de Chambord

Route of the castles of France

The route of the castles of France runs through the Loire Valley, includes several dozen impressive buildings and is a World Heritage Site.

What to see in Toledo

What to see in Toledo

We tell you what can be seen in the city of Toledo, an old city where you can see all kinds of heritage and buildings such as the Alcázar.

Rivers of Europe

Rivers are part of the landscape of Europe as well as its economy and history. Life passed around ...


What to see in Calaceite

Discover what we can see in the town of Calaceite, a place where you can find a beautiful old town and important heritage.

The Valporquero Cave

This week is special for those who enjoy underground wonders, trips with children or landscapes that ...

View of Bárcena Mayor

Barcena Mayor

Bárcena Mayor is a small town in rural Cantabria that seems anchored in time. It offers you mountain routes, tranquility and rich gastronomy.

Beaches of Cabo de Gata

Beaches of Cabo de Gata

We are talking about the best beaches in the Cabo de Gata area located in Almería, with beautiful sandy areas to enjoy the summer.

Lake of Sanabria

Lake of Sanabria

We tell you what you can see and do in Lake Sanabria, a great visit to enjoy the largest glacial lake on the Peninsula.


What to see in Wroclaw

We show you everything you can see on a visit to the city of Wroclaw in Poland, with its old buildings, squares and the cathedral.