Getaways near Madrid

Thinking of getaways near Madrid? We propose you some destinations to discover charming towns near the capital of Spain. Discover them

Air passenger rights

If you do not know the rights of the passenger by plane, you are at the mercy of the airlines to claim any type of problem. Find out about your rights here.

Apps to travel

The best apps for traveling

Discover the best Apps to travel, from apps to find flights to others to help us in the destination, looking for places to visit.

The best of the Costa Brava: Cala Corbs

Cala Corbs is included in the natural area of ​​Es Castell, one of the virgin enclaves that still remain on the Girona coast, in the municipality of Palamós

Cayo largo del sur

The best keys in Cuba

Are you tired of the cold and only think about the summer? Summer is synonymous with beach and sea and many people do not conceive the summer season without a few days and

Youth Volunteer Trips

If you always wanted to do some volunteer activity abroad but never dared to do it, maybe this is ...

Objects allowed in airplane luggage

What can be carried in the luggage?

Are you going to travel by plane? Can you bring food on the plane? Find out what you can or cannot carry in your luggage and which ones can set off alarms.

Longest covers in the world and Europe

The longest beaches in Europe

Discover the longest beaches in Europe and the world. Are there any in Spain? Enter and enjoy these beaches where you will want to sunbathe and the sea.

Gulhi, the no-frills Maldives

Gulhi is a tiny island located a few kilometers from the capital of the country Malé and the southern part of the Kaafu Atoll. Less than 1000 inhabitants.

Nevado Huaytapallana

Nevados of Peru

Discover the 5 most spectacular Nevados of Peru and enjoy the white landscape offered by these huge Peruvian mountains.

Palmyra, a wonder of the Syrian desert

Palmyra is was declared a World Heritage Site in 1980. Located in the middle of the desert and next to an oasis, it is one of the most important archaeological remains that are still preserved.

Cap d'Adge nudist beach

Cap d'Agde, the capital of nudism

Cap d'Adge beach attracts thousands of tourists looking to practice nudism, do you want to know their accommodation, advice and available activities?

Traveler Alphabet (I)

Perhaps this traveling alphabet (I) can guide you to plan those trips that you have not done yet and want to do at least once in your life. You dare?

Asia desert

The great deserts of Asia

Are you traveling to Asia? We discover the six largest deserts on the continent for you to enjoy their scenery and unlikely scenes. Are you going to miss it?

London skyline

London also has modern architecture

Do you like modern architecture? We show you the most current architectural pieces in London that you cannot miss if you are going to travel there.

11 places to visit before you die

Do not stay without knowing what these 11 places to visit before you die are like. Have you already visited them? Have we managed to expand your list of future trips?

Easter Island

Trip to Easter Island

Travel to the distant Easter Island, in the Pacific, and discover its mysterious and ancient statues

Travel more, purpose for 2016

Write down the following on your list of resolutions: "Travel more, purpose for 2016." Only in this way will you grow as a person and gain experiences.

Andalusia Beaches

3 of the best beaches in Andalusia

There are many beaches in Andalusia that are popular and great, and we show you three of the best, which you should not miss if you travel south.

South of Argentina

The best of southern Argentina

Discover the best tourist attractions in southern Argentina and the unique places in this area full of surprises for the most travelers.

Sun destinations

Sunny destinations in November

The sunny destinations in November are the best option for those who have vacations at this time. Discover interesting places to visit.

Poipu Beach in Hawaii

Poipu Beach is located on an island in Hawaii, a very extensive beach full of quality services to enjoy your vacation.

Top 3 Beaches in Jamaica

The island of Jamaica is a perfect place to enjoy the beaches. There are three beaches that are considered the best and that you have to visit.

Tropea beach in Italy

Tropea Beach is located on the Calabrian Coast, in Italy, and it is a spectacular place.

Go by boat to New York from Europe

Information on the possibility of traveling to New York by boat. There is talk of the Queen Mary 2 cruise ship and the option to go on a merchant ship.

Best beaches in china

The best beaches in China

In this article we do a little review of some of the best beaches you can find in China. Do you know them all?

Dangerous neighborhoods in America

In this post we are going to continue knowing which are the most dangerous neighborhoods in the United States so that you have information about what you can find

Top Applications to Travel to Rome

This time we are going to introduce you to the most outstanding applications to travel to Rome. Let's start by mentioning Katie Parla's ...

Mount McKinley in Alaska

Alaska and Hawaii, the separate states

Hawaii and Alaska are the two separate states of the US and although they are very different they share some things in common. In this article we give you a glimpse of what to see on both sites.

El Nido, the best beach in the Philippines

El Nido, located in the Palawan archipelago, is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines, and one of the most sought-after internationally for sun and beach tourism.


Snakes in Bali

In Bali there are snakes, we may find one or not everything is a matter of luck.

Means of Maritime Transport

Maritime transport is one that will precisely allow us to be able to move over bodies of water, with which ...

Beaches of Portugal

If you are going to make a getaway to Portugal, it does not hurt to know which are the most striking beaches that you will be able to find in this country and in the cities.

Major Airlines of Oceania

Today we are going to meet some important airlines in Oceania. Let's start by mentioning Qantas, the most important and historic airline in ...

Best Online Travel Organizers

On this occasion we are going to mention some useful online tools for travelers. Let's start by recommending to Tripit that no ...

Pink Gin beach in Granada

Near the Point Salinas airport, this wonderful beach is a very prominent point in Granada, its calm waters ...

Salsa festivals in the world

Salsa is a very danced musical genre in Latin America, but especially in the Caribbean. This sticky beat that has conquered ...

Customs of Italian society

One of the most popular aspects of Italians is their temperament, they are passionate and very expressive. They are persons…

Transportation in Lima

The city of Lima is interconnected with the rest of the country through the Central Highway and the Pan-American Highway. Since…

Maluku Islands in Indonesia

photo credit: a_rabin The Moluccas (in Indonesian, Maluku) are a province of Indonesia, its main city being Ambon, located…

Top 3 Hotels in Aruba

Aruba has a wide variety of hotels, which can make your choice difficult; so we provide you with ...

The Unknown Isle of Man

Located in the Irish Sea, between England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, it is a dependent territory of the British Crown, ...

How to get around Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most populated cities in the world, and therefore an impressive chaos. In addition, it is bathed by ...

Curacao Practical Guide

  Location Curaçao is located in the southwest of the Caribbean, at latitude 12 ° north and longitude 68 west. The…

The 10 worst hotels in Cancun

The 10 worst hotels in Cancun according to TripAdvisor users are the following: Aristos Cancun Plaza Hotel, «horrible and…

Shopping in Singapore

If you haven't been to Asia yet, Singapore is one of the best options to start with. Not only because since ...